• January 9, 2007
  • 27 minutes read

Crackdown of Arrests Continues in Dakahliya, Gharbiya

Crackdown of Arrests Continues in Dakahliya, Gharbiya

 The state security has arrested Eng. Mohamed Farag, a former candidate in the People’s Assembly in Dakahliya today at dawn, in another episode of the ongoing crackdown of arrests that the Egyptian authorities started, three weeks ago, with detaining the second deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Khayrat Al Shater along with some MB leaders in Cairo and a number of other governorates.


The security forces detained five MB leaders and cadres in both Dakahliya and Gharbiya.


In Dakahliya

 The state security forces arrested, on Sunday at dawn, Eng. Mohamed Farag, from MB members of Matariya, Dakahlia Governate, and he was the Muslim Brotherhood candidate during the previous legislative elections for the Matariya-Gamaliya constituency; he is also one of the popular and effective figures in Matariya.


A Profile of the Detainee :

Engineer Mohamed Farag was born on 1/9/1956– in Mataryia, Dakahlia Governate.

– He got BA in engineering- department of mechanics power in 1983.

-Since his early years, he was a leader in many public actions :

He participated in an abolishing illiteracy project during his secondary stage of education.

– He participated in public service projects during university education.

He was a member in the student union of Port Said Faculty of Engineering .

He was elected in the first family council in Mataryia while he was still a university student.

He participated in establishing the Medical center, a social solidarity project and a project for fighting unemployment.

-He sought to allocate a piece land for building a service complex for fishermen in Oqabiyin.


His Contributions in the Service Work:

He was a member in Dakahlia municipality (city hall) 1992 – 1995.

-Chairman of the fisheries committee in Dakahlia Governate city hall.

– He was among the first persons who discussed the problem of Manzala Lake and escalated this problem on all levels.

He established the social fund of the fishermen in the lake; this led to:

– Contributing with more than a million pounds to renovating the water network, the culture palace and the social building.

-Establishing and activating the garbage collecting and recycling project under the title “for a beautiful and clean city”.

-Establishing a child garden, kindergartens, plant nursery to implant trees and roses in the city.

– Providing societies with the required medical systems.

– Establishing the gas project, the covered canal, the covered sewage, the sewerage and water projects in Matariya and the neighbouring village of Al Dhahir.

– Establishing the wholesale market of fruit and vegetables in Matariya.

– Allocating all spaces for public service projects.

– Seeking to complete the complex of courts and industrialized zone that have appeared on the ground nowadays.


His Political Actions:

– He ran for the People’s Assembly elections in the last three rounds (1995 – 2000 – 2005); however, the flagrant security intervention and election fraud blocked his three bids; during 2005 elections, three Matariya young men were killed by the state security forces that prevented voters from reaching ballot boxes through using gun fires and tear gases.

– He was arrested in 1981, 1985, 2000, the latest detention lasted for 6 months within the group of Eng. Akram Zohairi- may Allah have mercy on him.

– He received a course in the center of administrative training in the Faculty of Commerce, Mansoura University, and qualifying natural leaders on studying needs, planning projects and mobilizing resources for the society projects.

– Complete courses in the political education.





In Gharbiya Governorate

Rearresting Tanta MB Member That Prosecution Released after Last Week Arrests


 The state security forces in Tanta, the city capital of Gahrbiya, arrested Mr. Mohamed Al Qasabi ( one of the MB members whose houses were raided last Tuesday at dawn but he wasn’t at home); he was arrested today while hw was moving in one of the city streets.

Reliable sources reported that he is currently detained in the state security headquarters in Tanta.

It is worth noting that the state security forces raided the houses of 11 Muslim Brotherhood members in Tanta, but they did not find three of them, including Mr. Mohamed Al Qasabi- a teacher in Al-Gil Al-Muslim school in Tanta-; the detainees appeared before the prosecution that issued a written order of releasing him in absentia.

The others who received the decision of releasing them were arrested according to the emergency law; after failing in suing them in front of a normal judge- the state security experts exploited the unjust law- the emergency law- according to which they were sent to Wady Al-Natroun prison.


These Monday dawn detentions of Al-Qasabi and Eng. Mohamed Farag prove that the “Emergency Law” government is still adopting the policy of escalations against the true, free and sincere Egyptian citizens affiliated the Muslim Brotherhood to silence them and prevent them from protesting at the scheme of the constitutional amendments that establish Tawreeth (hereditary transfer of rule to Mubarak Jr.) and maintaining corruption. 

Also, the state security forces arrested three MB members in Kafr Al-Zayat, Gharbiya Governorate, according to the emergency law although Kafr Al-Zayat prosecution released them following a malicious complaint from an employee in the Ministry of Endowments under the pretext of being behind preventing him from delivering the feast sermon in Al-Gam’iya Al-Shar’iya prayer area; the state security arrested them for three days in preparation for a detention, this happened today; on the other hand, two others in the same case appeared before the prosecution today and it ordered jailing them for four days