Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood Students Continues

Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood Students Continues

Ten Muslim Brotherhood students were dismissed last week from two Egyptian universities, which comes as part of a security crackdown on student activists who belong to the largest opposition group in Egypt.


Faculty of Commerce at Kafr Al-Sheikh University expelled six students last Thursday for two weeks on charges of hanging billboards and launching a pro-morality campaign whose slogan is “Decent by my good morals” organized by Muslim Brotherhood students across Egypt’s universities.


The dismissed students are Islam Al-Sabbagh, Mohamed Khattab (Senior), Ahmad chahin, Mohamed Rachid, Mohamed Abdul-Raouf, and Emad Al-Zumar (Sophomore).


Security forces intensively cordon the University of Kafr Al-Sheikh through the mass presence of tens of anti-riot police trucks along with state security officers after the dismissal of those students.


Moreover, nearly 50 Brotherhood students were dismissed from Kafr Al-Sheikh University and most of them were referred to disciplinary boards and investigations.


In the university of Monufia, the dean of the faculty of Medicine (Professor Said Shalabi) ordered the dismissal of six medicine students for a week and sent dismissal warnings for other nine while ignoring the high priority of attendance for such students. He accused them of organizing a peaceful march in solidarity with the besieged Gazans. Dismissed students are Gihad Samir, Ahmad Tahoun, Basem Allam, and Muhannad Abu Amr.


Zagazig Court decided last Thursday to extend imprisonment for student Amr Fawzi (a leading activist of MB students at the faculty of Usul Al-Din “Religion Principles”) for 15 days. The student’s defense is expected to file an appeal before the Criminal Court within few days calling for Fawzi’s release.


Fawzi was detained on Thursday November 13 when state security forces stormed into his house and abducted him. He was kept at Zagazig police station till referral to the prosecution.