Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood students deepens.

Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood students deepens.

 In a new round of arbitrary arrests, the Egyptian government has expanded its crackdown against members of the Muslim Brotherhood students. This time aiming its measures against 2 Azhar students Khaled Abdul Wahab Mohamed Ali el-Deen and Abdul Fatah Otthman Omar Zaher.

 State Security forces detained the students after arrest warrants were ordered November 4.

  According to the Muslim Brotherhood the young students were detained and transported without charge under provisions of Egypt’s Emergency Law, which allows the government to indefinitely detain people without charge, trial or legal recourse. The students were transferred to Wadi el- Notron on Monday November 9.

Once again, the Egyptian authorities are relying on illegitimate laws to imprison members of the political opposition where day after day, month after month, the government tramples on the rights of Egyptian citizens to ensure that it maintains its monopoly on power.

The Egyptian government has never convincingly justified its continued categorization of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has renounced violence since the 1970s, as an illegal organization. But the authorities still use its illegality as the pretext for arresting its members. The government also relies on its broad powers of detention under the Emergency Law to imprison people without charge, in some cases for years, in violation of its international treaty commitments.

There is much concern about the future of these two young men and we demand all human rights organizations to intervene in order to stop any possible and expected violations from happening.