Crazy Car!

Whenever I think about the current situation in Egypt , I remember the “crazy car” movie. This car does not know where to go and crashes anything around and any people nearby. Actually, Egyptian people under this regime face death whether in the land, the sea or in the air. Do you imagine people going to theater to enjoy watching plays, instead they die burning!!!
The Egyptian regime killed a lot of Egyptians, even more than those killed by the enemy. There are about 5000 persons killed annually in road accidents other than those killed in calamities and disasters, the victims of building crashes, sunken ferries, burned theaters and those killed in crashed airplanes.

The Egyptian blood is priced at no more than 900 dollars in the eyes of such a regime. Lamentably, if one comes to sell his organs, the price will amount to tens fold. Unfortunately, the Egyptian regime does not hold Egyptians in high esteem.
Is it reasonable that the regime battles with all sections of society, including judges, journalists, engineers and opposition forces, especially the first effective opposition force represented in Muslim Brotherhood?! Worse still, this regime hatches plots which endanger the unity and structure of community.

Is it reasonable that a girl fails in test because she criticized a president of another country? Is it reasonable that the regime detains a crippled person in his eighties on the pretext that he poses a threat to national security?!

We Egyptians know how to manipulate words skillfully and fear to acknowledge truth. So, we always read in independent and opposition newspaper that “The government made a mistake”, “the government is unsuccessful”, “the government failed to implement the Presidential program”, etc, but no one has courage to say the truth. This truth is self-evident that this president has no longer been the real president and no one knows the real person who has the authority and how many are the decision makers for Egypt . All this led to these haphazard and disordered polices which take Egypt towards the brink of abyss.

The Egyptian people have to do their best in order to get rid of Mubarak and those around him, instead of wasting time and effort in useless phrases that do not help a lot.

The articles and statements that are undersigned by the Muslim Brotherhood(MB) are only the ones that express the official opinion of the group.
Those which are not only express the views of their authors

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