Criminal and terror acts of Indian forces

Criminal and terror acts of Indian forces

The paradise on earth, Kashmir is boiling, burning since decades due to the forced illegal occupation of India through its more than seven lakh Hindu forces who are enjoying unlimited powers and impunity from law for killing, raping, blasting, arresting and torturing inhabitants and destroying and devastating properties given the Black Draconian laws like Disturbed Area Act, Armed Forces Special Powers Act, Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act and Public Safety Act etc in vogue at the behest of Delhi, aimed at crushing the popular sentiment, voice and movement of freedom.

These Black Draconian Laws are shielding the terror acts of Occupation forces and undermining the system of justice and international human rights standards. Right to life and dignity enshrined in universal declaration of human rights and international bill of rights in all situations preceed every consideration and is the paramount obligation of states to observe its application in letter and spirit. India despite being signatory to these International Human protection covenants flagrantly violates them in Kashmir quoting the excuse of national sovereignty and integrity and keeps on committing heinous crimes against humanity through its brute forces. The terror Acts of its forces have ravaged and ruined this paradise and converted into a hell concentration camp.

This territory of cry and wail wears deserted look. We come across hundreds graveyards of martyred youth, ruined, blasted and burned homes, hearths, business establishments and inhabitations, concrete bunkers, forces camps, gun wielding uniformed men wearing black scarves patrolling, laden in gypsies and wanton vehicles looking and behaving fiercely in the nook and corner of the territory. We usually witness the frisking, searching, beating, torturing and detaining of inhabitants on roads. We often bear the brunt of forces in houses, offices, business establishments and desecration of worship places. We are habitual of their knocks and searching, thrashing and arresting tactics. The women folk in and outside feel unsafe given the contineous shameful acts of insanity by these uniformed men against them. Rape and molestation of Kashmiri women as a weapon of war has stained the chastity of thousands latest is two young woman of Shopian who were brutally killed after gang rape by Indian Armed Men. 

These shameful incidents have adversely affected the Psychiatry of Kashmiri women folk who feel more frightened. As per reports, among the psychiatric patients good number of women is increasing due to this reason. The incident has added the frustration of women folk. I am witness to many such girls and women who choose to remain inside their houses and left studies and jobs out of fear. Doctors dealing with Psychiatric patients have diagnosed fear factor among most of the women in Kashmir.

Kashmiri soil has so far digested more than one lakh inhabitants regardless of age and gender who were done to death ruthlessly by Indian Forces using different inhuman, brutal methods including custodial killings, fake encounters, blasting of humans, indiscriminate firing on mobs and intolerable torture. That is why count less graveyards are spread in the length and breadth of this ghost territory. People feel worried about the safety of their loved ones as there is no guarantee of safety anywhere in Kashmir. Any house can be searched, any one regardless of age and gender can be picked up, tortured, detained or killed given the extra ordinary powers to the forces. In such eventuality concerned police stations never come to the rescue of aggrieved. Never even bother to attend them or give them patient hearing.

The reason these police stations work under the command and dictation of India Intelligence Agencies whose black and white they are bound to adhere to. They even deny accepting the court orders in respect of releasing prisoners under their custody and register of first information report. People in Kashmir wander from pillar to post in a hope of tracing the more than ten thousand disappeared one’s and every evening gives them shock and despair. The courts failed in giving them any relief. They always sit in protest in the capital of state demanding the where abouts of their loved ones, appealing international community for help, urging the state authorities at the helm of affairs for a decisive probe which never happens.

They are caught between devil and deep sea. State administration neither traces their disappeared nor declares them dead. State administration has recently announced exgratia relief to the families  of disappeared persons and one job to the next kin of disappeared person but the families of disappeared persons denied to accept this offer and stressed for tracing the whereabouts  of disappeared. Their argument is that State Government should break the silence and either trace their loved one’s or officially declare them dead. 

  The relatives of the prisoners always seem crowding outside interrogation centers, forces camps, jails and police stations waiting for their release. The courts in Kashmir are overcrowded. The cases in lakhs are pending before the courts and are hardly disposed off, except for exceptional ones and that also rarely. In the case of Kashmir courts are subservient to the dictates of Indian home department. The court orders in such situation are hardly taken care of. Even thousands of court orders in respect of contempt of court against Indian intelligence agencies and armed forces are not honored, because the judiciary does not have the authority and power to get them implemented.

  Such is the situation here deteriorating with every passing day. The presence of these occupation forces is a constant threat to the very survival of inhabitants (human beings) in Kashmir. Nobody is safe and secure here. whether at home or outside anyone regardless of age and gender can be done to death mercilessly or tortured, detained, vilified, molested and raped depending upon the mood of terror forces of India. This is what happens everyday, everywhere and captures the front line news of all dailies and electronic media. All this misfortune is the part of our abnormal life. Kashmiri people do not see any way out in the presence of huge number of occupation forces and black draconian laws.

Mohammad Yousuf Naqash


Islamic Political Party (jk)


Human Rights Committee

All Parties Hurriyat Committee

Kursu Rajbagh Srinagar Kashmir

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