• October 19, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

Criticizing World’s Silence, Yemeni MB: Revolution Will Remain Peaceful

Criticizing World’s Silence, Yemeni MB: Revolution Will Remain Peaceful

In a statement to IkhwanWeb, Dr. Abdul Rahman Ba-Fadel, president of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform (YCR) – Yemen’s Muslim Brotherhood, said: "It is utterly unbelievable that the silence continues as Ali Abdullah Saleh’s regime massacres the people of Yemen".

He added: "We heard about a French proposal for trials of the perpetrators of massacres against the Yemeni people, but these statements are evidently for media consumption to calm public opinion. Free Yemenis would like all countries of the world to cut ties with Saleh’s repressive regime and to remove Saleh and his regime from the country".

Dr. Abdul Rahman Ba-Fadel continued: "The Yemeni people’s aspiration for freedom is greater than ever, despite the heavy price paid in the peaceful revolution. That is our choice, and we will not give it up, even when the Arab League failed to support us, and the whole world declined to support the peaceful protesters in Yemen".

He stressed that the silence over the crimes committed against the peaceful rebels in Yemen amounts to participation in Ali Abdullah Saleh’s crimes. "How good is world ‘condemnation’ when the killing of protesters continues non-stop daily against women and children and young people?!" he questioned.

He pointed out that the progress of peaceful revolutionary escalation in Yemen against Saleh’s interests is continuing, despite the viciousness o Saleh’s repressive regime and their endeavours to push the country into civil war, stressing that this will not happen, that Saleh will leave, and that the peaceful Yemeni revolution shall win.