CSID 11th conference to take place April 28

CSID 11th conference to take place April 28

The conference which is titled U.S.-Relations with the Muslim World one year after Cairo, is scheduled to take place on April 28th, 2010.

Distinguished delegates are expected to take part in the Conference, whose agenda includes eight topical subjects to be discussed in four parallel sessions.

The Inaugural Ceremony in the presence of the President of CSID Radwan Masmoudi will start at 9.00 a.m. Speakers at the conference titled Dialogue with Political Islamists, will include Mustafa Khalfi from the Moroccan Justice and development Party, Abdul Razik Makri from the Algerian Movement for the Society of Peace, Salah Ali Abdul Rahman from the Islah Movement in Bahrain and Ruhail Gharaibeh from the Islamic Action Front in Jordan.

Muslim Perceptions and public opinion will be next on the agenda with four discussion topics. Omar Ashour from the University will discuss the U.S. views in post-Jihadist thought. Muslim public views by Steven Kull will follow. Chloe Berwind-dart will talk about the Nigerian perspective of the Cairo Speech and Kristin Lord from the Centre for a new American security will wrap up the second session of the day with his new approaches to Public Diplomacy in the Muslim World.

Islam Human rights and developments will be discussed in a parallel session. The subjects included are The Obama Administration and Islamic Human Rights,  Arab Youth Development in U.S. Muslim Engagement , Political Islam and U.S. Foreign Policy in the Obama Era  and lastly Constructing Political Islam as the New Other. The conference will be chaired by Mona Yacoubian.

A prospect for Improved Relations and Understanding between the U.S. and the Muslim World is the third main topic for discussion at the Conference. This subject will allow delegates Tarik Ramadan the grandson of the Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan Albanna and Reza Aslan from the University of California address a wide spectrum of issues.

A plenary session which will take form in a round table discussion will confer discussing Perspectives on Muslim Engagement. Respondents attending will include, Marc Lynch, Brian Katulis, Emile Nakhleh, and Daniel Brumberg from the United States Institute of Peace.

Guests from the Middle East will also be heard in the discussion appropriately titled Voices from the Middle East . Guest speakers include Nabila Hamza, Moataz Fattah, Allaya Alani, and Fathi Touzri.

During the day a conference, “Democracy and democracy promotion” will be debated where Leila Targhani will be evaluating Obama’s contribution to Iran ‘s democratic opposition. Stephen Zules from the San Francisco University will discuss the U.S. role in encouraging pro-democracy movements. Democracy promotion will be discussed by Lars Berger and Eric Paterson will speak about “Applying Sustainable Promotion to the Muslim world”.

Senator John Kerry who is invited will also attend the concluding Keynote “Building bridges of understanding between America and Muslim majority states. Rashad Hussein from the U.S. special envoy and Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim will also be present.

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