• October 8, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

DAE Coalition Expands Elections Coordination Committee

DAE Coalition Expands Elections Coordination Committee

The "Democratic Alliance for Egypt" (DAE) is boosting its Elections Coordination Committee – which deals with all the parties involved in DAE and selects candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections. The Committee will now include Dr. Mohamed Beltagy (member of the Executive Office of the "Freedom and Justice" party), Dr. Wahid Abdel Meguid (deputy director of the Centre for Political and Strategic Studies of Al-Ahram), Dr. Ayman Nour (leader of the al-Ghad al-Jadid or “New Tomorrow” party) and Saad Abboud (vice chairman of the Karama or "Dignity" party).

The decision to expand the party follows the departure of "Wafd" party from the DAE. The rest of the DAE parties have decided to continue the march together in one electoral list, one electoral alliance. The Committee currently meets with all the DAE parties to review the names of their candidates in preparation for the final sorting of the lists.

The Committee has already met with the parties Freedom and Justice, Karama, al-Ghad al-Jadid, Nasseri, al-‘Amal, Hadara, Asala, Eslah & Nahda, and al-Binaa & Tanmeia. In the next few days, the Committee will meet the rest of the DAE parties and review the names of their candidates.

In a statement to IkhwanWeb, Dr. Mohamed Beltagy stressed that the final form of the DAE and its participants will be decided through the lists of candidates to be approved by the Committee which will assess all by criteria the most important of which are: an honourable national record before the revolution, public credibility, experience in political and parliamentary work, and specialisation and efficiency in relation to one of the specific committees of the parliament.

"The Committee contacted a number of highly-regarded public figures, non-affiliated to any political parties, with adequate legal and political experience needed for parliamentary work, for getting out as candidates on the lists of the coalition, such as Mahmoud al-Khodeiri, Amr Hashem Rabie, George Isaac, Diaa Rashwan, and Hassan Naf’aa," Beltagy told Ikhwanweb.