Daily welcomes victory of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt’s

Daily welcomes victory of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt’s

An Iranian daily welcomed on Monday the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt’s parliamentary elections, stressing that it pointed to the fact that “Islam still plays a positive and key role in the country.”
Despite all pressures, 14 candidates of the Muslim Brotherhood won seats in the third round of parliamentary elections in Egypt, `Tehran Times’ said.

It argued that winning of the Islamist party proved “Egyptian society believes that the participation of Islamic parties in the legislature can help solve the country’s problems.”
The party won 90 of the 444 seats in the Egyptian Parliament during the first three phases and it is predicted that they will gain another 10 seats during the last round of elections, continued the daily’s editorial.

“The new attitude of the Egyptian people toward the Islamic parties indicates that the Egyptian nation is reviewing its attitudes and gradually abandoning Arab nationalism and turning to political Islam,” said the daily.

Noting that the Muslim Brotherhood has experienced many ups and downs since it was founded in 1928, the editorial said, “With the drastic change in the global political climate over the past decade, the Muslim Brotherhood has gotten an opportunity to test its national popularity.”
Meanwhile, despite all the pressure imposed by the Egyptian security services, both the tendency of the Egyptian nation to support the Muslim Brotherhood and the number of their supporters has increased considerably, the daily stressed.

It further said that the party’s victory would also “definitely create a new atmosphere in Egyptian foreign policy that will affect not only Egypt, but also the entire Arab world.”
“Although the Muslim Brotherhood will be severely controlled and pressured by the Egyptian ruling party and government, the Islamist party’s stance on the necessity to strengthen relations with other Muslim countries will certainly affect the political structure of Egypt in the future,” the editorial maintained.

It concluded by saying that the return of the Muslim Brotherhood to Egypt’s political scene would “create a cascade effect that will certainly affect the political and social life of all Arab countries and boost the tendency of Arab and Islamic countries to look for religious solutions to their problems.”