• August 1, 2016
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Dakahlia Martyrs of Manassah Massacre by Military Coup Forces 3 Years Ago

Dakahlia Martyrs of Manassah Massacre by Military Coup Forces 3 Years Ago
They paid with their lives for freedom. They did not commit no crime or sin. They simply rose up, rejecting a return to military rule injustice, despotism and oppression in Egypt. They had rejoiced that their dream was achieved in the January 25 (2011) Revolution, but they were shocked to find a painful reality: a military coup that devoured everything and everybody. The murderers of the innocent men and women of Manassah massacre by Al-Sisi’s coup forces on July 27, 2013 were never apprehended. They remain free, safe from accountability and retribution to-date.

Dakahlia martyrs

Ibrahim Algazairi, Safwat Mohamed and Mohamed Abdel-Moemin were three protesters from Dakahlia Governorate. Three years have passed since they were killed in one of the worst massacres of the military junta against the Egyptian people: the Manassah (or platform) massacre, or what is known as the "mandate massacre". After the July 2013 military coup, the leader of the coup general Al-Sisi gave a speech urging his supporters to come out and give him a "mandate to fight potential terrorism". The result was more than 100 innocent Egyptians killed and 5,000 wounded. The mandate was for the horrific spilling of Egyptian blood.

Martyr Safwat Mohamed Safwat, 21, was born in the village of Telbana in Dakahlia Governorate. He was a student at the Faculty of Commerce – Mansoura University. He was a gifted poet at the university. A friend called Mohamed Hamed says about him: "Safwat was good-natured, pure-hearted, never carried in his heart anything but love and kindness for all people. His voice was low, and he walked humbly. He was humorous, joking with those around him; and cared for their feelings. All those who knew or dealt with him loved him".

Earlier, in the Itehadia Palace clashes, Safwat was hit by birdshot pellets in his left eye. Several surgical operations, unfortunately, failed to fix that.

Safwat’s father called him a few days before he was killed in the Manassah massacre, and told him: "Won’t you come over? We want to see you, son. Aren’t you afraid of yet more injuries?". Safwat replied: "Do not worry, dad. Just pray to God to grant me martyrdom". On July 27 (2013), he was hit by a bullet in his foot. He then bled until he lost consciousness. He died on Saturday, August 3, 2013.

Martyr Mohamed Abdel-Moemin Tag, 24, from a village in Dakahlia. He was married, with a two-month-old baby. He was a devout young Muslim, good-natured, of noble character. He always volunteered to help others and for charitable work of all kinds.

Tag took part in the Rabaa Square sit-in, protesting and rejecting the July 3, 2013 military coup. About the Manassah massacre, one of Tag’s colleagues said: "Mohamed Tag insisted on joining the protests there although he knew how junta thugs killed and injured protesters indiscriminately.

"On the day of his death, he looked his best. A buddy jokingly asked him: ‘Are you getting married today or what?’ To which he replied: ‘Yes, indeed, I am getting married.. in Paradise! I am no less than those who have already died as martyrs’. Then, he went to help rescue the injured and transport those killed in the massacre. It was such a horrific bloodbath that the field hospital could not cope at all. Soon, treacherous bullets hit Mohamed Tag in the chest and abdomen. He died a martyr in the morning of Saturday – July 27, 2013."

Martyr Ibrahim Mahmoud Algazairi, 42, was born in Sherbin in Dakahlia Governorate. He held a Diploma of Commerce. He was married, with two children. His colleagues described him as a hard and honest worker: "He was known for his magnanimity and chivalry; and always rushed to help the needy and victims of injustice".

Like Mohamed Tag, Algazairi took part in the Rabaa Square peaceful protest sit-in. Later, in the Manassah massacre, he was hit by a treacherous bullet in the head in the morning of Saturday – July 27, 2013.