Damascus forum: The right of return at the core of the Palestinian cause

Damascus forum: The right of return at the core of the Palestinian cause

The participants in the Arab international right of return congress held in Syria issued Monday the Damascus declaration on the right of return, confirming that this right is inalienable and at the core of the Palestinian cause.

The two-day forum opened in Damascus on Sunday with the participation of political and intellectual personalities from 54 Arab and foreign countries. The forum was aimed at establishing the Palestinian refugees” right of return as a firm Palestinian and Arab principle not subject to bargaining, trade-off or referendum.

The statement underlined that the right of return is legitimate and natural right guaranteed by religions and international laws, and does not lapse by the passage of time, adding that it is an absolute right no group or individual have the right to waive it under any circumstances.

It stressed the need to propagate the culture of resistance because it is the shortest way to achieve the return of Palestinians to their homes and called for protecting and fortifying this right at the Islamic, national and international levels.

The statement urged the UN to activate the Palestinian right of return without delay, considering the continued suffering of Palestinian refugees a blatant condemnation against the silence and injustice of the international community.

The participants strongly condemned the Zionist schemes aimed at displacing Palestinians and called for confronting the projects of population exchange, transfer, settlement and the apartheid wall which target the identity of Palestinian people and land.

The participants also called on the UN to withdraw the membership of Israel from the international organization for the passage of 60 years without the return of Palestinians to their homes and lands because their return was a condition for accepting Israel in the organization.