Dangerous Israeli plan to change Buraq Square holy sites revealed

Dangerous Israeli plan to change Buraq Square holy sites revealed

 The Islamic Christian Commission in Support of Jerusalem and Holy Sites revealed evidence on a comprehensive Israeli plan to change holy sites in Buraq Sqare south-west of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The organization published a diagram of the Israeli plan, which includes confiscation and excavation of a vast area in the regions south and south-west of the Aqsa Mosque, aimed at expanding the area for Toratic rallies and museums across from the Maghariba Gate.

The commission said in a report that it will hold a press conference on Monday to further disclose the dangerous plan to confiscate large areas of the Islamic endowed territory, which includes proposals to build a parking lot under Jerusalem’s walls at the entrance of the Prophet David gate, which would in turn lead to demolition of parts of Jerusalem’s walls. The conference will also discuss newly exposed settlement activity plans in Buraq Square, including details and a photo presentation of Israeli plans for alterations in the area.

In similar developments, the Palestinian Ministry of Culture warned in a press release Monday morning against the IOA’s continued racist policies of Judaizing Jerusalem, obscuring its historical landmarks, and annihilating its monuments and rich legacy of civilization, especially Israel’s recent Judaization plans against the Khalil Gate, one of the Old City’s gates entrances on the western side of Jerusalem.

Attempts by Israeli forces to add Hebrew Talmudic writings in the area adjacent to the Khalil Gate, under the pretext of development and revitalization, are only part of Israeli attempts to demolish the mosque and establish the alleged temple, the ministry added, asking relevant parties to take a serious stand against the ongoing violations and to take action in supporting the citizens of Jerusalem to be steadfast in resisting Israeli plans to erase Palestinian and Islamic heritage and culture.