Darrag: Freedom and Justice Party Legally Fights Media Plotting to Discredit, Vilify FJP

Darrag: Freedom and Justice Party Legally Fights Media Plotting to Discredit, Vilify FJP

In a press statement, Dr. Amr Darrag, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s National Committee and the party’s Secretary-General in Giza, underscored the seriousness of reports by sources close to the FJP of major media outlets planning a concerted campaign to discredit the FJP’s presidential candidate during the two days of voting in the elections – Wednesday and Thursday, May 23 to 24 – and to stage incidents and fabricate stories about the FJP’s alleged non-commitment to the period of electoral silence.

Dr. Darrag said that a number of FJP members in Giza have caught some people posing as FJP members and distributing promotional materials for the FJP candidate, so that certain media reporters would film them immediately. The FJP has already reported the incidents to police stations in the relevant areas and recorded these irregularities.

Dr. Darrag further said that this campaign of vilification is totally unjustified, certainly not in the interests of the country, and far from true professional practice. He affirmed that the party is taking all necessary legal action against violations committed by parties, the media or any other players.

Moreover, Dr. Darrag added that the FJP is completely committed to the law in its election campaign, and called on all its members to abide by the rules of electoral blackout, explaining that he would take forceful legal action against breaches by other parties.

The FJP’s Secretary-General called upon the media to commit to the profession’s Code of ethics and accuracy, and to refrain from circulating unfounded rumors that create chaos and confusion among citizens, which spoils the atmosphere of the historical experience that citizens had been awaiting for a long time.

In his statement, Dr. Darrag warned all candidates against the use of thugs and outlaws to disrupt the electoral celebration of democracy, after sources said that one of the candidates – a former regime holdover – has set up a plan to disrupt the presidential election.

Recently, there have been several reports alleging such plans are underway, for a heavy presence of those thugs and outlaws in some polling stations to create riotous incidents that could lead to violence.

Dr. Darrag said he holds the armed forces and civilian police responsible for protecting the elections, and demanded they commit to their pledge to end the transitional period peacefully.

Furthermore, Dr. Darrag urged party members to fully abide by the rules of self-restraint and not to respond to any deliberate provocations by any party in full compliance with all instructions and regulations governing the electoral process.