Date scheduled to discuss the interrogations by MB MP’s in parliament.

Date scheduled  to discuss the interrogations by MB MP’s in parliament.


The Parliamentary Assembly has set a date for Sunday January 3, to discuss nine interrogations raised by MPs from the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), opposition and independents. Three interrogations were raised by the MB MP Ibrahim Al-Gafari on the environmental problems which increased in Egypt, facilitating selling deals for the Telecom Egypt Company which resulted in the waste of 1.5 billion pounds and wasting of public funds for personal interests of establishing the Nile University for one of the NGOs.


Three other interrogations were raised by MB MP Abdel Hamid Zaghloul on the lack of protection of the ancient area of Abu Mandour in Rashid city, negligence in the implementation of the sanitation project and the government’s failure in protecting the state’s territories in the cities of Edcor and Rashid.


The Parliament will also schedule a date for discussing the interrogations raised by MB MP Mostafa Morsi on the negligence in providing medical services in most governmental hospitals and health insurance.


During the next Parliamentary session on Sunday, the Parliament will also discuss 50 other requests for information on the reason why youth centers are not being renewed and why there aren’t any  newer  youth centers being built or land given for these projects.


The Parliament will review the report of the joint committee on Agriculture and Health regarding the irrigation of crops, vegetables and fruits with the sewage water.


The drafted law submitted by the government on granting 10 billion pounds for the state’s budget will be discussed.