Davutoglu to Israel: Apologize or we cut all ties with you

Davutoglu to Israel: Apologize or we cut all ties with you

Davutoglu demanded, according to Hurriyet newspaper issued on Monday, Israel to make an apology and accept the results of the international investigation committee. 

The newspaper said that the minister declared that his country closed its airspace to all Israeli military flights and may expand the ban to include civilian flights as well.

The office of Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu stated for its part that Israel would never apologize for the attack, alleging it had the right to defend its citizens.

All indicators suggest that the tension between Turkey and the Israeli occupation state might escalate after Netanyahu stubbornly refused to apologize for killing the Turkish nationals during the attack.

Turkish columnist Ismail Kapan told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that the tension between the two countries would remain the center of attention at the present time because of Israel’s intransigent attitude.

Kapan added that this position would prompt Ankara to harden its tone further against Israel, which in turn would significantly affect the relations between the two sides, noting that the biggest loser in this situation is Israel.