Day of Rage Digest Egyptians in Action January 25th

Day of Rage Digest Egyptians in Action January 25th

Ikhwanweb has collected its update for the planned Day of Rage protests on January 25th by opposition activists in Cairo and elsewhere after Egyptians finally decided to discard their apathy and call for change.

A minute by minute update will be added as we call on you our valued readers to witness history in action. 

14 :27    Security forces surround Journalists syndicate arresting Yehia Kulash member of the syndicate’s committee

14 :16
Unofficial reports state that TV channel Alrai has been blocked after covering Jan 25 protests
14 :09
14 protestors abducted as forces violently attack demonstrators in Monoufeya
14 :05
Young man injured in Hosary Square with reports of protestors passing out
13 :58
Security forces cordon off Kasr el Nil Bridge
13 :54
Large security force presence in Nasr City
13 :30
Monoufeya reports increase in number of protestors
13 :28
Tunisia issues arrest warrant for ousted Dictator Ben Ali
13 :24
White House: Egypt must be responsive to people
13 :22
Protests underway in downtown Cairo and Dokki
13 :21
Interior Ministry states they will not tolerate demonstrations and will conduct random arrests
11 :53
Student demonstrations are scheduled for noon at the Universities of Ain Shams, Cairo, Alexandria, Assiut and Tanta
10 :59
Security abducts two activists distributing leaflets calling for general strike in Tahrir
10 :54
Day two of Rage and activists plan to continue in nationwide protests including Shebin el Kom Mubarak’s home town
04 :53
Protest organisers announce general strike Wednesday and Thursday
04 :04
FB readers confirm will take to the streets Wednesday in second day of protests
03 :47
Rights activist Ahmed Salah arrested in Shubra Square
03 :42
Rumoured reports of Ministry shuffle
03 :38
Former MB MP and senior MB leader Gamal Heshmat arrested from downtown Cairo by security
02 :45
Activists describe Arab media as blind to protests
02 :39
Security forces retreat from in front of Cairo Museum to join forces cordoning protestors
02 :28
Protestors detained in front of Opera House as forces block off road to Qasr el Nil bridge hurling tear gas canisters at them
02 :22
ElBaradei condemns US support of regime and urges backing of Egypt’s protestors
02 :19
Ghad Party leader Ayman Nour confirms son arrested and taken to unknown destination
02 :17
Violent clashes between security and protestors in Tahrir and vehicles set ablaze
02 :07
Protestors call on citizens near Tahrir to join demonstration and help cordon security forces
01 :59
Security arrests Mohammed Shaker Al-Jazeera correspondent and Husam Yahia, along with large number of journalists covering protests
01 :53
Protestors attack police in Suez following reports of citizen dying after police fired live bullets
01 :48
Mass demonstration breaks through security barricade and heads towards Shubra Cairo
01 :41
Dr. Mustafa Al Nagar general coordinator of the popular campaign in support of ElBaradei arrested and transferred to unknown destination
01 :33
Unoffical reports of live bullets used against protestors and accounts of casualties
01 :29
Tear gas canisters continue to be launched into the middle of Tahrir Square to disperse protesters determined to see the night through
01 :28
Security Forces begin deploying outside the Egyptian Museum, cordoning off the northern end of Tahrir Square. Protesters start to form lines in anticipation of a police crackdown
01 :24
Security arrests blogger Abdul Rahman Ayash taking part in protests in Mansoura and currently detained in appalling conditions in security headquarters
01 :18
Protestors suffer tear gas inhalation and forces abduct activists randomly
01 :07
Ambulances move in to Tahrir Square to move protestors suffering from tear gas hurled by security forces
01 :00
Security forces use batons, rubber bullets and tear gas to break up sit-ins in Tahrir Square
00 :55
Security conducts wide arrests of protestors in Cairo
00 :46
Prominent journalist Ibrahim Eissa joins protestors in Tahrir
00 :31
Reports of President’s son Gamal Mubarak and his wife leaving Egypt heading to London
00 :21
Protesters in Tahrir square set up a local radio station
00 :20
Clashes between Police and protesters in Alexandria. Corniche Road opened
00 :14
Airport officials: Suzanne Mubarak arrives at Heathrow airport in London
00 :05
Forces use tear gas to disperse crowds in Mehalla
23 :43
Reports of attempts by authorities to block Facebook
23 :42
Interior Minister orders security forces to shoot at any rallying assemblies after 11:15 pm local time in accordance to Emergency Law
23 :26
Curfew imposed in Suez following report of 2nd death after security use live bullets with reports of injuries
23 :21
Sources reveal authority contemplates setting curfew in Cairo during upcoming hours
23 :07
Armored vehicles pursue protestors in Mehalla angering crowd further
23 :00
MB leader Gamal Heshmat’s son arrested following clashes with security forces


22 :55
Large number of detained activists transferred to Cairo jail
21 :57
MB media spokesman Dr. Essam Elerian denies the group promoted violence and chaos describing the Interior Ministry’s accusations as untrue
21 :18
Preliminary report reveals 150 arrests so far in Day of Rage
21 :14
Interior Ministry issues statement accusing MB of escalating protests and skirmishes
21 :09
Security in Suez uses live bullets to disperse protestors killing one and injuring others
20 :29
Tens of journalists injured by security forces while trying to cover protests
20 :15
Journalists and academics join thousands of protestors in Tahrir in unprecedented mass protest
20 :08
Reports of army bracing itself as protests escalate
20 :02
NDP media spokeman Ali El Deen Helal downplays Day of Rage describing turnout as low
19 :47
Security Forces ring protesters outside the High Court on Ramses Street
19 :43
8000 Protestors stage sit-in in Alexandria’s Sidi Gaber Square as security use rubber bullets to disperse crowds
19 :40
Crowds regroup to maintain occupation of Tahrir Square as a heavy presence of Central Security Forces cordon off Qasr El-Ainy
19 :39
Forces use live ammunition and tear gas in Mansoura
19 :36
Several protesters have been injured in the Tahrir clashes, as demonstrators try to storm the parliament
19 :30
Thousands of anti-government protesters are demanding the end of Hosni Mubarak’s nearly 30 years as president
19 :27
3 Major news channels prevented from covering protests
19 :16
Kuwaiti security detains 11 Egyptians rallied outside Egyptian embassy in Kuwait
19 :09
Reports of trooper killed in Tahrir Square
19 :00
Reports of Security forces in Alexandria joining protestors and removing uniform despite orders to shoot
18 :56
NAC in Cairo calls on all Egyptians to unite and join protest stressing intentions to continue into the night
18 :54
Activists in Cairo spray anti gov’t slogans on walls and tear down bill boards posting Mubarak
18 :45
13 activists in Cairo arrested and transferred to unknown destination
18 :41
Reports of 2 deaths in Alexandria as forces ordered to use live bullets and tear gas
18 :38
Authorities cut off electricity in Sharkeya and protestors plan to remain in city’s square overnight as forces brace themselves to disperse crowds
18 :18
Protestors reach 30,000 in Alexandria as security loses control randomly abducting activists
18 :02
Violent clashes in Kafr el Sheik between protestors and forces
18 :01
Mansoura activists tear posters of Mubarak and son Gamal
17 :57
Security forces in Mansoura close in on demonstrators marching to Municipal Building as numbers rise to 4000
17 :52
Serious head injuries following rocks thrown in and forces use tear gas as armored vehicles move in on protestors in Tahrir Square
17 :48
All bridges and roads leading to Tahrir Square in Cairo closed off
17 :46
Interior Minister issues orders to security forces to violently attack protestors
17 :12
Israeli radio broadcasts doubting presence of Mubarak in Cairo as protestors’ anger escalates
17 :08
AlGhad Party’s founder Ayman Nour joins protestors in front of NDP headquarters shouting anti-gov’t slogans
17 :04
Egyptian Authorities block twitter’s social networking service
17 :01
Protestors in Alexandria escalate to 50,000 in Ramleh Station and activists attempt to form barricade to protect outnumbered security forces from angry civilians
16 :33
Forces beat and drag protestors in streets to disperse them in Tanta
16 :28
RNN reporter in Cairo passes out after being beaten and dragged resulting in injuries
16 :24
Activists in Mattareya, Cairo appeal to NGO’s and Human Rights Org as security and police forces attack them violently fearing massacre
16 :21
20,000 protestors burn posters of President Mubarak and family in Alexandria and security officials unable to act
16 :15
Forces violently attack activists, in Shubra Cairo arresting and chasing them down through streets
16 :11
Angry activists take over fire trucks used to disperse crowds from Meedan Square as forces flee
16 :06
Police in Cairo use tear gas to disperse thousands of protestors
16 :05
Hundreds of protestors in Damietta stage sit in
16 :03
Forces use water hoses to disperse protestors during prayers
16 :02
Forces arrest activists in Shubra in Cairo
15 :57
6000 protestors break through barricade and rally in front of Ministers’ Assembly
15 :51
Demonstrations in Alexandria and forces clash with protestors
15 :49
Security forces lose control as thousands protest in front of Supreme Court
15 :11
Mass arrests taking place in front of People’s Parliament