Dayton meets PA security commanders in Al-Khalil

Dayton meets PA security commanders in Al-Khalil

Gen. Keith Dayton, the American officer in charge of security coordination between the PA and Israeli security apparatuses, on Tuesday discussed with commanders of PA security commanders in Al-Khalil their efforts in implementing security campaign in the West Bank.

Palestinian sources said that the discussions focused on security efforts made in Al-Khalil city and its environs.

Dayton”s efforts concentrate on stripping resistance fighters of their weapons or arresting its activists especially those affiliated with the Hamas Movement.

The commander of the Israeli civil administration in the West Bank also met with Hussein Al-Sheikh, the minister of civil affairs in the illegitimate government of Salam Fayyad, on Monday in the presence of 50 Palestinian employees and representatives of the civil administration.

The Hebrew TV 10th chancel said that the commander told Al-Sheikh that any economic progress in the West Bank was linked to the security situation. He also said that the Palestinians should fight Hamas in cooperation with the Hebrew state in its capacity as an issue of “mutual interest for both parties and in order to improve conditions in the PA”, the commander was quoted as saying.

IOF troops on Tuesday kidnapped four Palestinians in Nur Shams refugee camp in Tulkarm as Israeli military barriers in north of the West Bank slowed down Palestinian traffic.

In the Gaza Strip, IOF gunboats fired at and destroyed Palestinian fishing boats off the coasts of Khan Younis and Rafah south of the Strip at a late hour Tuesday.