Death of Citizen at hands of Syrian Police

The Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) has learnt from an informed source that the youth Ammar Fandi (30 years) was killed whilst the police forces raided his home in the Al-Assad Neighbourhood, Lattakia, on Saturday (9/6/2007). He was said to have been mowed down with heavy gunfire, similar to the scenes in American action movies.

 The reasons for the Syrian Authorities bloody annihilation of the youth is unknown, even though it has been leaked that he was wanted for theft.

Local sources in the coastal city of Lattakia, Northwest Syria, have reported that the citizen Ammar Fandi belonged to the al-Haydariyah sect, a bitter and old rival of the ruling al-Asad family. Due to these rivalries, the Syrian Authorities treat members of the al-Haydariyah sect ruthlessly and with explicit brutality.

SHRC strongly condemns the killing of human souls in such a brutal manner whatever the reason may be; and calls upon the Syrian Authorities to hold an independent enquiry into the murder of Ammar Fandi, punish those who released orders to have him gunned down and those who carried them out, and compensate his family.
SHRC also calls upon all human Rights organisations to condemn this act of murder and protest against the Syrian Authorities’ use of such illegal methods which undermine the importance and value of human life

Syrian Human Rights Committee