Death threatens tens of Palestinian captives in Israeli jails

Death threatens tens of Palestinian captives in Israeli jails

Tawfeek Abu Nai’m, one of the longest-serving Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, has plainly accused the Israeli occupation authorities of deliberately neglecting the Palestinian captives and of exposing their lives to danger.

In a letter he sent to the captives’ center for studies in Ramallah city, Abu Naim explained that the captives’ main demands were to give proper medical treatment and follow-up for the sick captives, family visits, high school exams, and the inspections.

He said that the Israeli prison authorities (IPA) deliberately brings inexperienced medical crews to check the prisoners, accusing the IPA of wittingly neglecting the captives and warning that that more captives’ lives in the prisons are at risk if such unsanctioned policy continued.

He also pointed out that many captives have permits from courts to bring specialized doctors from outside to treat them but the IPA still refuses to allow any of them in, thus aggravating the already deteriorating health conditions of the captives.

Rafat Hamdouna, the director of the center revealed that the center receives tens of appeals from the captives’ family expressing anxiety about the lives of their relatives and urging the center to help them visit their loved ones incarcerated in the Israeli jails.

According to Hamdouna, the IPA policy of medical neglect as far as the Palestinian captives were concerned have already claimed the lives of tens of Palestinian captives, warning that such policy was against the international laws and human rights conventions.

In this regard, Hamdouna highlighted the urgency of brining doctors from outside to check the prisoners and to give them the appropriate medical treatment that could preserve their lives, urging, at the same time, the concerned Palestinian authorities to expose such Israeli policy against the captives.