Death wish in Vain: Father Died without Seeing His Detained Son

Despite repeated calls of the family of the student Hani Mohamed Bakr, detained on Al-Azhar students case, to the Interior Minister, that Hani must be released to see his ill father before his death, but these calls and appeals were rejected by the cruel and merciless officials.
The father died before seeing his son who was thrown behind bars.
On Monday, the father of student Hani Mohamed Bakr Allaam, died in Mansoura Internal Medicine Hospital, north of Cairo, after struggling with diseases for more than a year; his only wish was to see his son before dying, but in vain.
The son has been detained in the Egyptian state security prisons and the father has been doomed to die without realizing his wish.
The son was detained by the State Security Police forces along with his colleagues in the Al-Azhar university dormitory on Thursday, Dec., 14, 2006 on the so called Al-Azhar students case.
On Monday, Feb., 12, 2007, on the day of his father’s death, Hani was released with mixed feelings of happiness and grief: happiness for releasing Hani and grief for the death of his father; the son attended his father’s Ghusl (the washing of the dead) with his eyes filled with tears and grief and the mother and children weeping the dead caregiver whose wish of seeing his son wasn’t addressed by the security services, although he asked the interior ministry for releasing Hani.
The father remained in deathbed at hospital for more than a month and his son was released on Monday but….. it was too late.