• October 21, 2005
  • 4 minutes read

Declaration From the Muslim Brotherhood

Declaration From the Muslim Brotherhood

Within the framework of the public reaction to the call for political reforms and change of Act 76 of the Egyptian Constitution to the effect of making the selection of the president of the Republic via the free direct election between more than one candidates, the Brotherhood Movement have organised a number of symbolic picketing attended by thousands of Egyptians in Cairo and in many of the Egyptian Governorates during which peaceful banners were raised which call for reforms and for achieving the main aim behind the change to Act 76. The picketers were disciplined and have observed the rules and code of conduct of gatherings in public places without an exception in any of the governorates where the security forces had not interfered. The demonstrators had aired their views and left peacefully without any breaches whatsoever.

However the Security forces in numerous governorates such as Al-Faiyoom and Al-Sharqiya harshly confronted the public and attacked them with batons, tear gases canisters, and water hoses, which lead to serious injuries amongst hundreds of demonstrators. The hospitals, under the instructions and threat from the National Security Police, had refused to admit or treat any of the injured in order not to have their injuries registered on records and hence deprive them of the proofs they need in order to bring charges against the police forces attacked them. These security mal-practices which are in breach of the law and the constitution had led to the state of chaos in streets.

The Security forces had arrested 1500 people. Some are from the crowd present at the places where events took place; some are ordinary bystanders and many more from numerous other places that are faraway from picket lines such as entrances to cities. The detainees were led to security camps without court order. They were denied food and medicine in Sharqiya and were subjugated to abuse and bad treatment in Al-Minya Governorate. The National Security Apparatus had charged the detainees of assault on security men together with other fabricated charges that are not founded on truth or reality, and the situation is still tense until now.

The country’s governorates witness a state of boiling tempo and smouldering atmosphere due to these unreasonable and inhumane practices, which are perpetrated, nourished and protected by some by of the mischievous wicked who insist on dragging the country into anarchy that will undoubtedly harm the interest of Egypt and its people and would only benefit the enemies of our nation.

While we caution against these actions out of utter rejection to these malpractices we declare frankly and vividly that we will continue carrying out our legitimate and patriotic duties and we shall not stop or waver in demanding the restoration of the people’s rights using all peaceful and civilised means and through the constitutional channels regardless of the consequences and the sacrifices that may be.

We shall-God willing- hold an international media conference on Sunday the 8th of May 2005 at 1100 AM in our offices in Cairo (at 20 El Malik El Salih Street, Manial El Rodah) to declare our views and our vision for the next stage which is surrounded with many risks and challenges.

And it is Allah (Alone) Whose Help can be sought, and He (Alone) is Sufficient for us, He (Alone) is our Maula (Patron, Lord), what an Excellent Maula (Patron, Lord) and what an Excellent Helper!

Mohammed Mahdy Akef

The General Guide to The Muslim Brotherhood