• February 22, 2016
  • 3 minutes read

Deliberate Medical Neglect Threatens 16-Year Old Detainee’s Life in Coup Police Station

Deliberate Medical Neglect Threatens 16-Year Old Detainee’s Life in Coup Police Station

Pained pleas of 16-year old detainee Ibrahim Ahmed Hamza’s family continued, as coup authorities persisted in their heinous crimes of holding Hamza, a minor, hostage in Dekerans Police Station in Dakahlia Governorate, while he complained of pains in his foot. Doctors stressed that he is suffering from kidney problems and a high erythrocyte sedimentation rate, which requires proper medical care, including an injection every 21 days.

This is not the first time the teenager is subjected to the authorities’ methodical medical neglect in places of detention. Earlier, in May 2015, while he was held in custody at Mansoura Police Station, Hamza was infected with Mumps (epidemic parotitis) due to the poor, squalid conditions of detention cells at the station, in addition to overcrowding, poor ventilation and the spread of insects.

Meanwhile, police bosses refused to allow the teenage detainee treatment, even with essential medicines brought by his family. After great suffering for the underage boy and his family, the Interior Ministry allowed Hamza to be moved to a hospital, but only for five days, after which he was thrown back into filthy police station cells, without completing the necessary treatment.

Hamza’s family reported that he had been arrested on January 28, 2015, and referred to a military court – falsely charged with crimes including "demonstrating, belonging to an outlawed group and forming a terrorist cell" along with 18 other detainees.

He was then prevented from completing treatment of a chronic skin disease he had before his arrest.

The teenager’s family stressed that they hold Dekerans Police Station, Dakahlia Security Directorate and the Interior Ministry fully responsible for the life and safety of their son. They also appealed to human rights organizations to intervene rapidly to help their son get the necessary medical care and secure an immediate compassionate release on medical grounds.

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