Democracy detainees’ ordeal continues…

Karim el-Sha3er (photo on the right) has been subject to a knife assault in prison, an activist source said. Sha3er and Sharqawi are the only two remaining Kefaya detainees, after the release of their fellow secular activists. (Hundreds of MBs are still in Tora Prison.)

The two activists’ treatment in prison has been steadily deteriorating, and Sharqawi recently received death threats from a criminal with ties to security, and the two have been prevented from visits by lawyers.
The delegation of university professors which tried to meet the Public Prosecutor today, was received by his aide only, who promised Sharqawi and Sha3er would be released today, before their detention review tomorrow, Kefaya is saying. Kefaya has called for a demo tomorrow in front of the State Security Prosecutor’s office in Heliopolis, if the Assistant Public Prosecutor’s promise turned out to be farce.
UPDATE: 3alaa published more details on his blog…

Prison authorities prevented Lawyer Gamal Eid from visiting his client Mohammed Al Sharkawy yesterday (Monday the 17th) even though state security prosecutor issued a visit permit, after much deliberation they allowed him to see Karim Al Shaer only.

According to Gamal Eid, Karim’s right Arm was injured by a switch blade after a criminal inmate attacked him, Karim suspects the attack was arranged by police officers. Karim is being detained in the infamous 12a cell, where acts of violence are quite common.

Today Lawyer Rajia Omran was prevented from visiting both Mohammed Sharkawy and Karim Al Shaer despite having another permit from state security prosecutor, she filed a complaint with Maadi district prosecutor accusing officer Ayman Ra’fat and the prison Sherif of denying the prisoners their basic constitutional rights and obstructing a decision taken by a judiciary body.

This comes directly after Sharkawy receiving several death threats, friends and colleagues are worried that prison authority might be trying to hide a violent crime against Sharkawy.

On the other hand a delegation of university professors, journalists, lawyers and activists went to the General Prosecutor office today to hand out a statement demanding the immediate release of Mohammed Sharkawy and Karim Al Shaer. hundreds had signed the statement in solidarity with the two torture victims. Judge Adel Said, the general prosecutors aid announced that the two will be released today.

Pictures or Wael Abbas