Right up to the XXth Century, political parties and ideology were fairly active and in fact there were great hopes to find “the best system”, even though all through history we see that Humanity was blindly searching for something, though unable to understand exactly, accurately, what that “something” was or should be.  Anyway “something” was very wrong with human thinking and this became obvious when first appeared Nazi Germany… fully accepted and supported by German Nazi patriots, to be followed by the far, far worse Nazi United States, also supported by criminal U.S. Nazi patriots, where the government and puppet-president George W. Bush are above the law and have all power of life or death over any and all earthlings.  And what do people do?  So far, they just wait their turn to be tortured and killed, after which they will enjoy an eternity of roasting in Hell as their reward for their criminal indifference and passivity, called in the U.S.A “patriotism”.  In fact, I would even suggest that the name “Hell” be replaced by the more appropriate name “PATRIOTIC SHEEP”S PARADISE” (a very hot Paradise though:  after roasting there for an eternity you should taste delicious… with French fries and gravy).
    Thousands of years ago, people were ruled by Pharaohs,  Kings, Tsars and other such garbage.  Why?  Because most human beings – nine out of 10 of us –  have an instinctive need to be told what to do, what to think and so on.  On account of this sheepish instinct, people have had a tendency to rely on this or that person who seemed to have a greater talent than others.  Nothing wrong with that and in fact it was the right way to do, I suppose… well, up to a point!
    Because a very few of us are not like that at all.  On the contrary, these few want to dominate and inevitably, they eventually get chosen by the fools “to lead”… for instance, lead to the self-destruction of Germany in 1939-45 or lead to the future self-destruction of the USA.  Sooner or later the selected person enjoys his or her status… I say “his or her” because in very ancient times (the good old days: thousands of years ago) females had a greater importance than later on.  Gradually, the male leaders became more and more authoritarian and managed their group or their area with greater and greater skill (skill? or cruelty?).  It was natural enough for such a highly successful and ferocious leader to be chosen by other groups of sheep-people… and from one thing to the other a country was formed.
    Don”t forget that all this happened thousands of years ago.  Not surprisingly, ruling more and more successfully  with a hand of steel, the leader gradually evolved into a hereditary PHARAONIC FAMILY on which model came the kings and tsars.  Inevitably some of these guys were good, some were even the very best but most  were the very worst animals, intent only on their own selfish interests. An outstanding example of the type of disgusting animals ruling a country is the British Royal family (here you may throw up if needed), who should have been decapitated long, long ago (I would have volunteered as decapitator),  but who are still ruling their fools and will most likely continue to do so since this royalty is now part of the plutocratic system, a system supposed to last for ever because it is supported by the slaves, often called “subjects”, “citizens” or more correctly FOOLS, perfectly deseducated and ignorant.
    However, this brilliant system of deseducation really came into its best during the XXth Century… which is why, we see no revolution at the present point:  SHEEP NEVER, NEVER REVOLT!
    Before this, we see first the GLORIOUS French revolution getting rid of their wicked royalty in 1789 (chop, chop, chop, went Dr. Guillotin), then the Russian revolution in 1917…  but then, understanding what was going on, the famous 1918 embassy plot became the historical point when the plutocracy really got reorganized and mean, devilish, even investing huge sums of money in organizing a system of deseducation and obscurantism so perfect that you can read in many publications totally distorted versions of historical facts, thus successfully brainwashing the fools into thinking that the execution of the Royal family in Paris or of the tsarist family in Leningrad were crimes!!! (Then what do you call the genocides performed by the United States throughout its entire history?)  
    This at the  same time as the murder of a million Iraqis and many more millions over the whole world by the United States is considered as “business as usual” by criminal patriots who deserve to be put to death in a hurry… before they can continue murdering people million after million, under their pious term of Depopulation.
    The grave mistake committed a century ago is to have neglected to destroy the entire plutocracy EVERYWHERE.  Some countries, such as for instance England (an exceptionally backward country) continued to be led by kings and queens whose primary job was to enrich themselves at the expense of the foolish citizens.  And as good slave material, these fools are doing indeed as they are told and they even go fight wars everywhere and anywhere,  happy to die “patriotically” for the greater wealth and power of their plutocracy.  Now, is that perfect slavery or what?  How stupid – and actually inhuman – can a slave really become?  This is the proof that the human mind can easily be converted into a robot, almost (though not quite) as good as a mechanical robot.
    The important point to notice is that gradually, there was an evolution of a sort and the royalty, thanks to their fantastic fortune, power and cruelty, evolved into a plutocracy.  In turn, this evolved further and  rapidly enough into the INTERNATIONAL PLUTOCRACY.   For reasons, I have explained at length in  other articles, the appearance of the International Plutocracy will eventually lead to the disappearance of Humanity as we know it.  BUT, as I have explained before, the feeling I have in my bones is that our disappearance will lead to the disappearance of the plutocracy itself a few years later, at which point ALIENS FROM ANOTHER PLANET WILL TAKE OUR PLACE. (Believe it or not, I am predicting it).
    However:  which type of aliens is it going to be, I cannot say because there are at least two quite different kinds presently living on our planet…  Anyway that is their trouble.  Why should we care what happens when we are all gone?  Furthermore, this is a subject matter which requires a rather advanced knowledge, otherwise people have difficult to believe EVEN what they see, feel and experience themselves. 
    The principle at the base of a democracy was in a way correct and even brilliant:  A democracy is the rule of the people by the people.  Unfortunately this is impossible.  Why?
    Because – few will disagree with this – the ordinary people (meaning all of us fools) have an instinctive tendency to be INDIFFERENT regarding “the way the country is run”.  We refuse to use the brain  we have been equipped with at birth to study in depth WHAT IS GOING ON.  Why is this so? On account of two very ordinary factors which have been present in us throughout history: 
1. The universal  MENTAL LAZINESS of victims.
2. The universal  crib-to-grave MENTAL CONTROL of victims.  
     Let”s tale one example, a very typical one:  the United States.  There, we see that they have TWO main parties:  the Democrats and the Republicans. What is the difference? NONE !  The Democrats are not for Democracy and the Republicans are not for any Republican system.  These two parties are in fact totally identical parties.  Why then have two parties?  Easy, and this is again an evidence of “American genius”:  The 300 million fools of the United States after proper deseducation and brainwashing can easily be misled into thinking that they can chose between TWO parties:  Isn”t that democratic?  While actually, they are dealing with ONE FORCE:  The plutocracy which controls both parties.  This way, the fools can vote for the “Democrats” or for the “Republicans”, while they actually vote for the PLUTOCRACY… for depopulation. 
    At this point we can all agree:  the Plutocracy is really smart, brilliant,  and deserve to win and kill us all.  And when we die…  on our way to Hell where roasting awaits us,  we will sing:  GLORY BE TO THE WEALTHY FEW… we really, fully deserve what WE are going to get.  And why should we burn for all eternity?  Well, that is plain JUSTICE:  It is the reward for our indifference and passivity, for our refusal to use the brain we were born with:  God gave us a brain and we refused to use it, that is insulting God.  Were I God, I would kill everybody and start all over again (Come to think of it, that is perhaps precisely what He is getting ready to do)
    There is worse!  It has now become evident that all U.S. presidents who were not obediently doing what they were told by the plutocracy have been assassinated by this plutocracy, which of course controls the C.I.A., the F.B.I. and over 18 other governmental agencies.  Yes, it is true that there is nothing new in all this,  however there is something vitally more important and it is that many were those who knew what was actually going on, but being diabolical “patriots”, not only didn”t they do anything about it but they played stupid and claimed not to know, not to understand!…   An old trick.
    At this point, we have to wonder:  WHAT IS THE BEST SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT?  Because if we observe more civilised countries, we can see that there are actually dozens of political parties to chose from… So, which are the best and which are the worst?
    A brief review of historical facts reveals two elementary truths: 
(1) None are any good under modern conditions.
(2) An entirely new set of principles are needed.
    What is actually needed?  An entirely new system of government is needed based on the following SEVEN principles based on the experience gained during thousands of years.  Unfortunately, few if any of the brainwashed “patriots” will agree with this:
1. No one human being is worth more than any other, regardless of colour or faith: FULL UNIVERSAL EQUALITY.
2. No one is above the law. However, due to their greater genetic importance, WOMEN MUST DOMINATE OVER MEN.
3. Each individual has the RESPONSIBILITY of all other individuals.  In other words, every human being is the brother of all others.
4. UNIVERSAL FREE EDUCATION of all up to age 25, with good knowledge of 3 or more languages as well as geography, (true) history and chemistry.
5. The government is responsible for the good health of every one and this must  include FREE MEDICAL CARE FOR ALL.
6. All members of government are the OBEDIENT SERVANTS of the people and must submit to regular inspection of their activities and income.  In case of disobedience, they must be punished (spankings, etc.).
7.  No war of any kind must be tolerated in the world nor in outer space.  All military personel, all “patriots”, male or female, must be immediately declared ENEMY OF HUMANITY and therefore promptly SHOT to death: no BUT, no IF, no MAYBE, JUST DEATH.
    You may not understand any of the above, nevertheless the choice boils down to the following: Either you agree with it and Humanity is saved or else you disagree and Humanity will soon disappear (and you will burn).
    Thanks to the great U.S.-style  FREEDOM, which is the full freedom for the Plutocracy to harm people as well as to proceed with the depopulation agenda, not only Human beings are being murdered but also many species of fish, insects, mammals and so on.  Lots of articles have described the disaster, for instance in:
    In the current genocide, just two types of people are guilty:
    FIRST, there are those – and unfortunately they are the great majority – who are stupid as a result of incorrect mothering and schooling, followed by the standard crib-to-grave brainwashing which is calculated to transform them into SHEEP.  See, there are 300 million sheep in the U.S. and that is a lot of meat which could be used in making hot dogs. 
    SECOND, the thousand or so individuals who are simply excessively greedy and selfish to the point where their wealth and power cause them to become totally insane, for instance the poor George W. Bush who, in any normal Society, would have long ago been placed in an institution for the dangerously insane.
    Although the plutocrats are quite often brilliantly and authoritatively educated, although they do know everything almost as well as I do, they are unfortunately making a small error.  They have cleverly but wrongly calculated that through depopulation (through getting rid of 6.5 billion of non-thinking fools), they would be able to save themselves and create a new world for themselves.  THEY ARE WRONG!   I have explained elsewhere and ad nauseam why they are wrong.  Here, I will just need to say this:  They better think it all over again because for genetic, biologic and organo-chemical reasons, they will NOT be able to survive.  Well aware of this, more civilized aliens from outer space are just waiting.  They are patient… they know that U.S.M.I.C. activities are leading without fail to a vacant planet.
    Regardless of whether one is a believer or a non believer, religion occupies a most important place in life as I have demonstrated in many other articles.  To summarise:
1. Most – though not all – religions have a positive effect on people”s behaviour.
2. The two really negative effects of religion are:
(A) when they fight one another for supremacy,
(B) when they murder large number of people (e.g. Blacks, AmerIndians and Moslems) out of stupid racism.
3. Hence, the various religions should try to make peace between themselves and behave humanely or else be destroyed.
4.  Freedom of individual  thought is the most essential element.
5. The biggest threat to Humanity is AGNOSTICISM.
    This being said, I have to confess:  I am rather an agnostic myself (shame on me).  Nevertheless, we have to be logical:  We, human beings being by nature ignorant, stupid and vicious, need something to LEAD us and if we look back into history, we see that USUALLY, religions have had a positive effect on humanity while agnosticism and even worse atheism have led to the most terrible consequences.  In order to convince oneself, one has just to observe the effect the U.S.  atheistic plutocracy has had on Humanity in general and on the ordinary U.S. citizen in particular:  Absolutely DISASTROUS!  Many other species of animals behave far better.
    At first, people in the U.S. did not want to join the military and be sent to the killing fields. Therefore the (evil) U.S. government  quietly attracted large numbers of Mexicans to the United States. They tried the same trick in Canada but failed here because Canadians are allergic to U.S. fascism. But there were enough Mexicans to increase unemployment.  So, having no work, U.S., citizens suddenly became “patriots”, joined the military and were sent to the killing fields where they were promptly slaughtered and sent to the FREEDOM of death.  This done, unneeded Mexicans were gunned down and were also sent to FREEDOM after death. 
    Actually, as is well known, in the great and famous U.S.A. the word FREEDOM is considered as a synonym for SLAVERY though actually it is not quite like that. Instead it works out like this:
    On May 4th 2007 (my date of birth is May 4th, 1928) I received the following from Cal <[email protected]>.  As it happens, I am a lifelong Communist, one time head of the Quebec Communist Party and definitely against  Nazism, be it German Nazism or even worse US Nazism, with its totally and hopelessly brainwashed  population of obedient slaves also called “patriots”, ready to go to the killing fields of Iraq (etc.) for the greater wealth and power of the International Plutocracy (I guess the brains of these “patriots” are out on a very, very extended vacation).  But there is Justice in this world and as a reward for their criminal “patriotism”,  they will all BURN for an eternity.  Thank God for that!  So, here is from Cal:
    I hear the word “communist” used as an insult constantly, but I never heard anyone who uses that word,  explain why a communist should be considered an enemy of the United States, forget an enemy of mine!  I have never been threatened by a communist. The capitalist system on the other hand has scared the hell out of me. The IRS has harassed me about returns that they claim I did not send. I feared for my life for the three or so years that I went without health insurance. My credit card company started charging me $10 for paying my bill over the phone. I see veterans who risked their lives for our nation living on the streets in this country. I see people all over who can”t read, can”t do math, are absolutely clueless about what goes on in the world, and I am watching the cost of an education skyrocket to a point where only a very small percentage of the population in this nation will be able to afford an education; a rather pathetic development for a proud nation with any hope of a future. Yet for some reason I am told all the time that Cuba is my enemy!  Why Cuba?
     I am going to try to explain the problem in a schematic way easier to understand:
1. The wealthy few (the international plutocracy) who now own and dominate the U.S.A. and many other countries, need and want to continue increasing their wealth and power.
2.  Their next step, depopulation, is already now operating most successfully.  Already many species of animals, fish, insects have disappeared.
3. They have currently infiltrated and are in control of almost all political parties, the world over (Money talks).
4.  They even succeeded in controlling the Communist Party of the USSR and thus easily destroyed the USSR.
5. Being well aware that the Communists are their only real enemies, they have been murdering Communists by the million while at the same time promoting totalitarian Nazism.
6. But all this would have normally failed.  Fortunately for them,  they employed a number of highly qualified (and highly paid) scientists who set up the best and most efficient crib-to-grave brain-washing system in history operating in combination with essential DESEDUCATION and DEHUMANISATION.
    The result?  VICTORY for the plutocracy:  people are so perfectly deseducated, dehumanised and brain-washed that they are both unable and unwilling to revolt, besides which they would be absolutely unable to understand and determine against whom to revolt and in favour of what!  This is the proof that not only is the plutocracy fully aware of what must be done but there is little doubt that they will successfully complete their Depopulation Agenda (though as I pointed out before, I don”t think they will be able to survive very long after us).
    Who are the victims of the plutocracy?  We have to determine this because my (modest) opinion is that the victims are guilty.  But first, let”s examine the case of a typical victim:
    A young lady living in some African country was condemned to be stoned to death because she had been unfaithful to her husband.
    This is the sort of thing which is occurring far too often and which makes me deeply ashamed of being a man and in fact, it reinforces my opinion that men are no good. Furthermore, it is high time that we WAKE UP and overthrow MALE POWER.  Male power is the power of Satan and SATAN MUST BE DESTROYED OR ELSE.  Women must reject male power OR ELSE HUMANITY WILL STOP EXISTING.  It is that simple. Can”t you see that MEN ARE DESTRUCTIVE.  I therefore say to the women:  Wake up, overthrow us, kill us all and finally live in peace and dignity.  As to the baby-making angle:  don”t worry at all about that, there are other, better ways to produce spermatozoids.
    SECRET:  First God created WOMAN, next the good Lord thought that, considering the sexual needs of women, males might be useful to women.  So since in those days, women were equipped with a tail, God cut off the tail of the woman He had just created and He made a man out of it (hence the male expression: A PIECE OF TAIL). That was OK except that the men who followed became so wicked, vicious and uncivilised that they took all power to themselves, grew into greedy, selfish, cruel little beasts … and we now see the disaster that followed:  THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA !!! (Gasp!)
    And unfortunately this is not all.  We see that in the whole of Central Africa, MEN were no good but the very very worst were the  WHITE MEN and I should know because my cousin was, long ago (before W.W. 2), governor of the then Ruanda-Urundi.  And that was bad indeed… though it became a lot worse when the (evil) United States managed to unseat him and caused the slaughter of millions of people in  Congolese and neighbouring tribes.
    Hence, I condemn my entire family (they are all dead though), I condemn the Belgian Colonial Empire (I am no longer a Belgian though),  I condemn the United States (a country of slaves though) and in fact I condemn the entire Human species (which is why I want to be reborn as a more civilized spider… I would sting the entire Human race to death) (Boy would I be busy). 
    My conclusion is that we need a world revolution and you better believe it.  Here is a letter from me to Chuck Wilson regarding the New World Order, which is simply yet another tool needed by the Plutocracy to successfully carry out Depopulation and kill us all.
    In response to your question:
    I too am in favour of ORDER and I must be because I am against anarchy,  so let”s have some order in this decadent world.  However, we have to be a bit specific.  For example, in the days of the Roman Empire, Rome had a lot of order… and Rome burned! In Nazi Germany, they had order indeed… and Germany was destroyed.  The reason is that there is a difference between theory and reality.  Another example is  Puppet/Dictator George W. Bush who is a hero of freedom and democracy… so he invades Iraq in order to impose there freedom and democracy and ends up causing the death of one million people, as well as destroying Iraq and causing damages which according to scientists cannot EVER be repaired, partly due to radioactivity and partly to the extreme extent of the destruction.
    The word “order” has several meaning.  For instance, order is very good,  I keep order in my room and hate to have things in disorder.  And on a political level you are expecting the leaders of a country to keep it in “good order”.  But in fact, if you review the entire history of humanity, you cannot but conclude that this is absolutely impossible because of HUMAN NATURE. It works out this way:
    Some people are ambitious, greedy and selfish while some others are not,  Obviously it is the ambitious, greedy and selfish guys who, sooner or later, will gain the leadership of their country while the others who are not ambitious, greedy and selfish will have a tendency to remain passive and indifferent.  You frequently hear people say “Oh! that is politics, politics is dirty, so I am not interested” and so doing they leave the door wide open to the NEW WORLD ORDER which is giving dictatorial power to the wealthy few who, being only humans after all, will want ever more wealth and power… although of course, that is not at all what the plutocratic propaganda will say!
    The N.W.O gives dictatorial power to the government and so, having “order” in the country, all is well and everybody is happy… THAT is an easy piece of propaganda  to feed the ordinary fools who swallow it all hook, bait and sinker.  And where does this lead us? It leads us to full FREEDOM for the upper class to get into positions of power where they can get wealthier and ever more powerful.  In a first stage, we see that the freedom of the upper class leads to its growing wealth and power at the expense of the lower class which become ever poorer and miserable.  The United States is a perfect model of this dreadful situation.
    But the N.W.O. goes way beyond this, it wants eventually to have the whole world under one government and unfortunately I have to predict that they will succeed in this project. This, on account of the INDIFFERENCE AND PASSIVITY of the slave-citizens.  Hence the N.W.O. will lead to INCREASED SLAVERY easily followed by the needed  DEPOPULATION of unneeded people: old and sick people, coloured people and so on.
    Whether you call it N.W.O., Illuminati or whatever, ANY POLITICAL SYSTEM which concentrates power into a small group of people leads to the abuse of the masses by the wealthy and powerful few.  IT HAS TO BE THAT WAY BECAUSE HUMAN BEINGS HAVE A TENDENCY TOWARD CRUELTY (e.g. OCCUPATION OF IRAQ), GREED (e.g. U.S. GOVERNMENT) AND SELFISHNESS (e.g. MOST PEOPLE).
    Let”s put it this way:  If you want a system which guarantees FREEDOM to the wealthy few to become ever more wealthy and powerful at the expense of the masses, then the N.W.O. is your best choice.  But if you want a system where the wealthy few have no such freedom, then you need to have another system which you will have to create because the United States has never, EVER yet tried having a DEMOCRACY.  
   Our duty is to fight the enemy.  Where is the enemy? The enemy is the plutocracy and its puppets, such as Bush, Blair, Howard, etc.
    The following, from Pepe <[email protected]>, dated May 4th 2007 at 11:30, confirms what I have been writing about for years and it also confirms the entire history of our species:  By our indifference and stupidity, we the victims of the plutocracy fully deserve what we are going to get:  DEATH AFTER TORTURE to be followed by an eternity in Hell, while the plutocracy safely sitting in Paradise, can laugh at us, this also for an eternity, see: JUSTICE AT LAST.
Mr. Hardy,
    Thank you for the words you put forth in truth.  I wish everyone would listen. 
You know, it is so hard educating the sheep, I come to the conclusion, they
are to weak to think for themselves, and welcome the Plutocracy in full.
They just can”t give it up, the things that make their life look good. 
Here is a list of retorts I get back.
1. They will take my SS away.
2. How will I live if I revolt, I live on welfare.
3. George is my Commander, no matter what he does??
4.  I can”t understand anyone who turns against the Gov.
5. I am a traitor.
6. Don”t tell  me, I am tired of hearing it, I will go along with what ever, to get along.
    Imagine that!!  How does one fight that?  Or they say, it wasn”t on the news.  Even if you explain the corp. control of media, it wasn”t on the news. 
No, I never give up, never quite trying.  And I won”t. 
As I always say, “you”ll see”.
    Thank you for your articles, I send them on to everyone…..

Cleo “Pepe”

<[email protected]>

On April 26 1985 – the uprising of the Soviet prisoners of war in the Badabera camp (Pakistan)

On the April 26 1985 – the uprising of the Soviet prisoners of war in the Badabera camp (Pakistan)

    22 years ago, on the April 1985, Soviet prisoners of war began the uprising in the camp of Badabera. Our warriors fought valiantly. The Pakistani Army came to help Dushmans. But they did not succeed in that battle. And only when Pakistani artillery opened fire point blank upon the Russians they could kill (but not to win over!) our boys.

    During that last in their life combat several of our warriors destroyed 120 Dushmans, from 40 to 90 men of the regular army of Pakistan and all 6 of the American military instructors. The base in Badaber was destroyed completely. With the explosion of the arsenal, the rebels lost three stations of “PCZO” “GRAD” (hale – Eng.), two million cartridges, about 40 canons, mortars and machine guns, tens of thousand of missiles and shells. The administrative office of the prison was destroyed too and together with it, regretfully, the lists of the prisoners were gone.

     The Eternal Glory to the Russian Heroes!       


(God told me so!)
    Here is a text from CAL  <[email protected]>, dated April 15th 2007, 01:05, and titled “[A-C] Why our soldiers are dying of leukemia & cancer”.  Please Read and see my conclusion at the end, the conclusion of a 79 year old man who went through the ordeal of W.W. 2,  fighting first German Nazism and next U.S. Nazism,  in Clermont-Ferrand and in the hills of Auvergne:
    In memory of the thousands of US soldiers that are dying of leukemia, cancer and undiagnosed illnesses, I researched the cause of their tragic deaths, in the hopes that it can save the lives of other military personnel and millions of innocent civilians.
    Our soldiers are still dying in Iraq, Afghanistan, the hospital in Germany, and after they arrive home. Please consider some short summaries from many sources.  Go to the links for the entire articles.
    Approximately 436,000 US ground troops were exposed to DU during the 1991 Gulf War, and more than 10,000 of these brave men and women have died as a direct result of their exposure. Over 250,000 more of them are currently seeking medical treatment from the Department of Veterans Affairs for DU-related illnesses including: leukemia, lung cancer, chronic kidney disorders, liver cancer, bone cancer, respiratory ailments, chronic fatigue, skin spotting, joint pain, and testicular cancer.
     A US Army-commissioned health report issued just days before the Gulf war noted that radiation is linked with cancer and said that “no dose [of DU] is so low that the probability of effect is zero.
    A confidential preliminary UN report leaked in May 1999, as the bombing continued, did not mince words: “This type of ammunition is nuclear waste, and its use is very dangerous and harmful,” it said. After NATO released its figures, the UN recommended that “measures should be taken to prevent access.”
    Since 1990, the incidence of leukemia in Iraq has grown by more than 600 percent. Iraqi physicians have been reporting sharp increases in cancers such as lymphomas and leukemia in Iraq, as well as an increase in birth defects.
    Gulf War veterans, plagued by a variety of illnesses, have been found to have traces of uranium in their blood, feces, urine and semen. The U.S. Defense Department doesn”t want to admit that DU is harmful because they don”t want the liability. When the U.S.∙s NATO allies demanded that the U.S. disclose the chemical and metallic properties of its munitions, the Pentagon refused. It has also refused to order the testing of U.S. soldiers.
    As of July 1999, of the 579,000 American veterans who participated in the Gulf War, 251,000 (43%) were seeking medical treatment from the Department of Veterans Affairs. About 182,000 (31%) were seeking compensation for medical disabilities or damage related to illness or injury. The illnesses for which claims are being filed include leukemia, lung cancer, chronic kidney and liver disorders, respiratory ailments, chronic fatigue, skin spotting, and joint pain.  DU burns on impact, dispersing minute radioactive particles into the air. This radiation, in combination with high chemical toxicity, contaminates the environment and produces harmful effects in animals and humans.
    Depleted uranium in the semen of the soldiers internally contaminated their wives.  In a US Government study on post-Gulf War babies born to veterans, babies  were born without eyes, ears, had missing organs, fused fingers, thyroid or other malfunctions.
    Soldiers who served in Bradley fighting vehicles, where it was common to sit on ammunition boxes where depleted uranium ammunition was stored, are now reporting that many have rectal cancer.
    … chronic myeloid leukemia chronic respiratory infections colon cancer …
    Described as the Trojan Horse of nuclear war, depleted uranium is the weapon that keeps killing. The half-life of Uranium-238 is 4.5 billion years. There is no way to turn it off, and there is no way to clean it up. It meets the US Government∙s own definition of Weapons of Mass Destruction.
    Particles remain suspended in air and travel around the earth as a radioactive component of atmospheric dust, contaminating the environment, indiscriminately killing, maiming and causing disease in all living things.
    “When I saw my deformed grandson, I realized that my hopes of the future have vanished for good…… I know we are part of the invisible genocide brought on us by America, a silent death from which I know we will not escape.”
(Jooma Khan of Laghman province, March 2003)
    Four reasons why using depleted uranium weapons violates the UN Convention on Human Rights:
 âˆ“ Weapons must not continue to act after the battle is over.
 âˆ“ Weapons must not be unduly harmful to the environment.
∓ Weapons must not act off of the battlefield.
 âˆ“ Weapons must not kill or wound inhumanly.
    Because of mysterious illnesses and post-war birth defects reported among Gulf War veterans and civilians in southern Iraq, and radiation related illnesses in UN Peacekeepers serving in Yugoslavia, growing concerns about radiation effects and environmental damage has stirred up international outrage about the use of radioactive weapons by the US after 1991. At the 2003 meeting of parties to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, discussing the U.S. desire to maintain its nuclear weapons stockpile, the Hiroshima Mayor Tadatoshi AKIBA stated,
    “It is incumbent upon the rest of the world … to stand up now and tell all of our military leaders that we refuse to be threatened or protected by nuclear weapons. We refuse to live in a world of continually recycled fear and hatred”.
    It is up to the citizens of the world to stop the depleted uranium wars, and future nuclear wars, causing irreversible devastation.
        Leukemia, congenital defects – 430,000 US troops in contaminated areas
    During the Gulf War in 1991, US and UK forces used a new weapon against Iraq. This new weapon, the depleted uranium (DU) projectile, is radioactive. Unlike atomic or hydrogen bombs, it involves no nuclear fusion or fission, but nine years after the end of the war, adverse health effects from DU exposure continue to manifest among military personnel and civilians in Iraq where the fighting took place, and among US and British veterans and their families. As I traveled through the US, UK, and Iraq to cover this story, I was confronted at every turn by the sad and frightening spectre of “discounted casualties,”- people exposed to depleted uranium and other toxic substances, and now tormented by leukemia and a whole array of chronic disorders.
    LONDON, July 31, 1999 — (Reuters) – Depleted uranium shells leave a legacy of birth defects and death, scientists told a conference in London Friday, warning that the radioactive ammunition will cause the same health problems in Kosovo as it has in Iraq.
recently died of leukemia.
    ROME, Dec 30, 2000 — (AFP) – An Italian soldier who served as a peacekeeper in Bosnia has died of leukemia linked to radiation exposure from depleted uranium arms, according to the latest edition of the Italian gendarmes” newspaper.
    Several cases of leukemia have been recorded amongst Dutch veterans of the Balkans.
    Sunday Herald (Scotland), Jan. 7, 2001 – Leaked documents back cover-up claim – The Pentagon scientist who briefed Britain and America on the lethal health risks to Western troops of using depleted-uranium (DU) shells claims he warned the allied powers as far back as 1991 that the explosives could cause cancer, mental illness and birth defects. Professor Doug Rokke, ex- director of the Pentagon”s Depleted-Uranium Project, says the USA and UK have covered up the hazards, despite the rising death toll among allied troops who fought in the Gulf from illnesses linked to DU exposure, including Gulf War syndrome.
    If you are skeptical about the reliability of Internet sources, this video is Dr. Doug Rokke, US Army Health Physicist, Nuclear Medicine Sciences Officer. Dr. Rokke was in charge of the Army”s effort to clean up DU in Iraq after the first Gulf War. Many in his unit died of the effects of DU, and he himself is 40% disabled because of it. (If you have slow speed just click on the link or copy & paste, and wait a half hour. It will be worth the wait to hear Dr. Rokke and understand the dangers of depleted uranium.)
    Depleted Uranium – The Ultimate Dirty Bomb    -10 min.
A Must Watch Video
    Poison DUst tells the story of young soldiers who thought they came home safely from the war, but didn”t. Of a veteran”s young daughter whose birth defect is strikingly similar to birth defects suffered by many Iraqi children. – Every American who cares about our troops should watch this film. Everyone who cares about the innocent civilians who live in the countries where these weapons are used should watch this film.
    Being informed is not enough! Tell others. Share this message. Ask Congress to stop the use of depleted uranium.  Contact your US Senators and Representatives toll free by calling 1-800-614-2803  and giving their names or just tell them your zip code to be connected to the right office.  Write a letter to the editor.
    For additional information do a search on “depleted uranium dangers”, there are 557,000 results or visit

My heart is where my treasure lies,
My reward is in your eyes.
    After reading the above, I am forced to conclude that one can understand the people of the world who are praying and chanting: “Oh Lord, please destroy the evil United States”.  In fact were I God, I would have done it long ago!  But I am not God.  So, were I a citizen of the United States, I would wrap a Neutron Bomb around my waist, invite all the Satanic “patriots” of the United States to a big party in the centre of Washinton, D.C, then pull the plug or trigger or whatever and send the entire District of Columbia, all the Satanic “patriots”, the entire government and all their puppets up into a big mushroom cloud… and both the world and the United States would be saved.  Instead of Washington D.C.,  there would be a huge black hole in the ground.  But I am not a citizen of that diabolical country.  In addition, that would only be the start of the clean up process:  because the main permanent danger does not originate from the puppets, be they called Bush, Blair or Howard but from the PLUTOCRACY, the wealthy few who OWN THE UNITED STATES AND NO FEW OTHER COUNTRIES.  WAKE UP FOOLS!
Jacques Hardy”s Conclusion:  The world”s enemy is NOT really the government of the United States but the 300 million non-thinking, not really human “citizens” of the United States who “patriotically” support such an evil government.  For this sort of “patriotism” there is only ONE punishment: DEATH, preferably after a long U.S.-style torture and followed by an eternity in the fryer.     
P.S. 1:
    Be advised that the plutocracy is currently financing with its usual great success,  a huge propaganda campaign in the media, the world over, as well as among “scientists” everywhere, claiming that
(1) D.U. is harmless,
(2) The U.S. is not polluting the environment,
(3) There is no depopulation,
(4)  Smoking is the cause of all troubles,
(5)  The U.S. is for freedom and democracy. 
P.S. 2:
    “Capitalism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Capitalism leads to the enslavement of the sheep citizens by the greedy, selfish plutocratic class”  JACQUES HARDY.
P.S. 3:
    WARNING:  Whatever I say is considered anti-plutocratic and unacceptable by the wealthy few (those who rule the world), therefore if you have read this (gasp!),  you must hurry up and go to confession or else they will make minced meat or perhaps apple sauce with you.  Don”t forget your position of plutocratic slave, also called “patriot”…  totally FREE to suffer and die so the wealthy few can get wealthier and more powerful.
Faithfully yours,
Jacques Hardy, Canada

Proud to have been banned by all the truth-hating media, starting from 1978.

These weekly reports covering socio-political subjects are the results
of the joint efforts of an Australian-Canadian-Russian-US team,
with help from other countries. 


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