Democratic Alliance Decides to Compete for All Parliamentary Seats

Democratic Alliance Decides to Compete for All Parliamentary Seats

The Democratic Alliance for Egypt began a series of meetings on Sunday to coordinate for the upcoming elections. The first meetings was held at the Wafd Party headquarters, chaired by Dr. Wahid Abdelmegid and attended by Dr. Mohamed Elbeltagy from FJP, Wafd Party Secretary General Foad Badrawy, and representatives from a number of the coalition parties.

According to the head of the Elections Committee Dr. Abdelmegid, the committee agreed that all candidates should enjoy good reputation and qualifications, and to exclude members of the disbanded National Democratic Party or cooperated with it, or with the former state security apparatus.

Abdelmegid explained that each party will submit a list of its potential candidates, who will then be divided into three categories: former MPs, those who ran for elections but lost, and those who will be running in the elections for the first time. From this list, final candidates will then be chosen from among those who fulfil the criteria set by the committee.

Abdelmegid added that the Democratic Alliance for Egypt is keen to select the most qualified and well-reputed candidates to be able to run the 19 specialized committees of the People’s Assembly to rebuild Egypt.

The screening process should be over before the end of September, and the coalition will field candidates for all the seats of the two houses of the parliament, the committee agreed, stating that there is no agreement yet on the percentage of seats for each party, only the criteria and specifications have been discussed. 

The committee will resume meetings next Saturday at FJP headquarters.