Democratic Alliance For Egypt Says It Targets Parliamentary Majority

Democratic Alliance For Egypt Says It Targets Parliamentary Majority

The Democratic Alliance for Egypt that consists of 34 political parties from across the political spectrum issued a statement Tuesday discussing its stance on the basic principles of the constitution and the elections. With regard to the upcoming parliamentary elections, the coalition highlighted that it will be able to represent the diverse sections in society in parliament and to win the majority of seats. In turn, it can assure that the constitutional principles agreed by the coalition will be applied.

To achieve the best outcome for this transitional stage, the coalition cited that the elections should be by proportional representation and not by individual candidacy and be based on the selection of candidates according to both their popularity and efficiency.

Reiterating the significance of embarking on the next stage in Egypt’s political future, the statement emphasized that popular consensus between political forces, has already been made concerning the general constitutional principles. A charter combining all those suggested by political powers and groups was in fact proposed. It cited that the people are the legitimate source of power, and imposing principles that regulate the constitution circumvents the will of the people demonstrated via ballot boxes.

The statement emphasised that the constitutional drafting committee should represent and be reflective of both the political groups elected in parliament and those that are present in the Egyptian society as a whole.

The coalition expressed that Egypt is going through a critical period, therefore it believes the upcoming phase should be focused on building a political framework for Egypt, while sustaining the revolutionary spirit and the people’s enthusiasm for a new Egypt to remain motivated towards building a promising future.

Ending the statement the coalition assured that their coalition is not in opposition to any other coalition, but rather an expression of the political diversity which exists in society, stressing that dialogue is necessary between the different groups.