Demonstrations in Egypt

Demonstrations in Egypt


Approximately 400 protesters and foreign activists gathered on Friday afternoon in front of the heavily fortified Israeli embassy in Cairo. The demonstrators, wore the popular Palestinian scarf and "green shirts" reading "Stop the genocide of the Palestinian people" and "Freedom for Palestine" and "Let’s go to Gaza." The demonstrators chanted slogans  in English such as "Freedom to live" and "Freedom to the  Gaza Strip"   

 Egyptian security forces surrounded the crowd and closed off  the streets leading to the region, prompting some protesters to clash with the security forces.

The foreign activists staged a protest in front of the Journalist Syndicate, in objection to the Egyptian government’s ban from entering Gaza, while others began a hunger strike.

The activists issued a statement "We are 30 activists from around the world and insist on participating in a hunger strike inspired by 85 year old, Hepy Estein a survivor of the Nazi Holocaust. Epstein has begun a hunger strike in Cairo, calling for the opening of the border with Gaza to the outside world. We recognize that the Palestinians in Gaza still continue to be deprived of food, shelter and most importantly, freedom. "

They stressed in their statement that they will continue their hunger strike in support of Gaza and Palestine, and declared that they will not break their fast until they break the siege, they called on all  conscientious people to offer support  calling for  the peace and justice for Palestinians,. The protestors continued chanting songs, singing "we will overcome the difficulties until the liberation of Gaza".

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