Demonstrations in most capitals of the world to protest the Gaza holocaust

Demonstrations in most capitals of the world to protest the Gaza holocaust

Capitals around the world witnessed huge demonstrations to protest the Israeli occupation onslaught on Gaza which has so far claimed the lives of  430 Palestinians, 74 of them children and 26 women.

In Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia hundreds of thousands marched raising Palestinian flags and chanting against the occupation and its airstrikes against Gaza. The demonstrators marched to the US embassy in Jakarta as the Israeli occupation uses US supplied planes, rockets and bombs against the civilian population of Gaza.

Leader of the Justice and Prosperity Party, which organised the demonstration condemned the Israeli occupation onslaught on Gaza and the international silence towards it, at the same time he greeted the steadfastness of the people of Gaza.

In the Indian part of Kashmir, hundreds of demonstrators burned the Israeli occupation flag. Clashes between the demonstrators and the Indian police took place.

Demonstrations were also held across Pakistan, demonstrators protested the continued Israeli onslaught on Gaza and called for Jihad.

Thousands of Afghani people demonstrated after the Friday prayers in various cities of Afghanistan and called for Jihad.

In Sidney, Australia 200 thousand Muslims performed the Friday prayers in parks, followed by prayers for the souls of the victims of the Israeli occupation onslaught and rallied after the prayers.

In the Philippines, demonstrators raised pictures of martyrs and condemned the war crimes being committed by the Israeli occupation in Gaza.

A mass demonstration took place in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, starting from the grand mosque in the centre and ended at the Palestinian embassy were a rally was held.

Demonstrations were held in many Arab and European capitals.