Demonstrators mark International J’lem Day in Moscow

Demonstrators mark International J’lem Day in Moscow

MOSCOW, — Dozens of residents of the Russian capital gathered Friday with representatives of Arab and Muslim communities in one of Moscow’s largest squares to mark International Jerusalem Day and show support for the Holy City and its residents, who are facing tough conditions due to intensified Israeli assaults against them in recent times.

Demonstrators carried banners voicing out against Israel’s brutal policies practiced in Jerusalem, with slogans such as “Say no with passion to Judaizing Jerusalem”, “We are with you, our brothers the Palestinians”, and “Together we will defend the holy city”.

Several social and political figures known inside and out the Russian community who spoke at the event agreed that what came to pass in the Palestinian arena in recent times is undoubtedly a serious challenge to the Muslim people as a whole.

Among those who spoke at the event were Dr. Shamil Sultanov, president of the strategic studies center, Dr. Ali Abu Essam, president of the Jerusalem Social and Cultural Center, and Haider Jamal, President of the Russian Islamic Committee.

In a related development, many participants expressed the belief that direct negotiations between Abbas and Israel are destined for complete failure, as going into talks with the enemy “does not represent the will and aspirations of the Palestinian people”.
Meanwhile, Turkish citizens marked International Jerusalem Day by denouncing Israeli policies against the Gaza Strip during ceremonies in Istanbul.

Crowds waved Palestinian and Hamas flags, chanted anti-Israeli slogans, and spoke out against the siege on Gaza.

“We want to save Jerusalem and liberate Muslims. Muslims can not escape the pressures of imperialism and brutality as long as Jerusalem is not liberated. This is the reason for our presence here today,” said Rajab Zenjen, one of the demonstrators.

Protesters trampled and burned the Israeli flag and an effigy of an Israeli soldier, emphasizing their support for the resistance option.

In a separate development, a delegation of Bosnians from the Merhamet charity offered on Friday five Toyota ambulances to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society to conclude a two-day visit to the Gaza Strip.

The visiting delegation headed by Merhamet vice-president Abdul Karim Vazlic toured the Gaza Strip to see the humanitarian situation and damage caused by the recent Israeli war against the region.

This was the first visit by the Merhamet relief society from Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Gaza Strip.