Deputy Dean beats up a student and Transfer 66 Students to Investigation

Deputy Dean beats up a student and Transfer 66 Students to Investigation

In a flagrant assault of the administration of the Faculty of Sharia and Law in Damanhour governorate on MB students, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hamid (Deputy Dean) has beaten up a student and tore his clothes while presenting him before the disciplinary session to which the student was sent to on charges of solidarity with Gaza.



Faculty students have also organised a protest during the investigation with 12 students due to their participation in the campaign “Let’s Remind Each Other” which was launched by students aiming of introducing and publicize Gaza’s attacks.


Students held banners denouncing the security arbitration against them and also denouncing the unjust stances of the university towards student activities.


The disciplinary Board decided the same period of earlier suspension where students were prevented from entering the university for three weeks while permitting ten others to enter the university starting from today. Meanwhile the fate of the other two is still unknown and no decision has been issued in their regard.


In the light of the continuous investigations with the MB students supporting Gaza and their trials to participate in the reconstruction process, the Faculty of Commerce along with the Faculty of Law, Cairo University, transferred 60 students to investigation on charges of solidarity with Gaza.



Furthermore, the Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University, transferred six of MB students to investigation because of their participation in the student activities supporting Gaza as well as participating in the events of “Solidarity With Gaza” campaign.