Der Spiegel: Mossad’s Kidon behind Mabhouh’s assassination

Der Spiegel: Mossad’s Kidon behind Mabhouh’s assassination


According to Der Spiegel, the Mossad used an authentic German passport issued in 2009 in Cologne city belonging to an Israeli called Michael Bodenheimer.

It alleged  that Bodenheimer applied for German travel documents last year  in Cologne and was given a passport after proving his German origin.

In the same context, Gordon Thomas, a specialist in Israeli intelligence affairs, revealed that there is in fact evidence confirming that the Kidon unit assassinated Mabhouh, whose name topped the hit list of the Mossad.Thomas underlined that Kidon includes the most highly-trained members of the Mossad who are able to work undercover under harsh physical and psychological pressure, noting that members of this unit are completely isolated from other Mossad agents.He added that the disastrous results of the Dubai operation exterminated one third of this unit’s members dealing a heavy blow to the Mossad.

The London-based Palestine Telegraph newspaper reported Saturday that  investigations conducted in one of the European countries, in which it refused to name, indicated that the European passports used in the Dubai operation were not counterfeit and were issued officially for the Mossad through immigration offices.

Chief of Dubai police Dahi Tamim, asserted to the  UAE Bayan newspaper that the police obtained the  recorded telephone calls that took place between the assassins of Mabhouh and have information proving that they also used credit cards to buy travel tickets bearing the same names on the passports.

In a related context, the Lebanese Safir newspaper reported  that a representative of an Arab country slammed UN under-secretary-general for political affairs Lynn Pascoe for not including any reference to the possible involvement of the Mossad in the assassination of a Hamas official in Dubai in his weekly report on the situation in the Middle East.

The Arab official added that Pascoe refers to every little detail in his weekly reports submitted to the UN Security Council on the Middle East and it is reprehensible to ignore events in Dubai.

Other newspapers criticized the performance of the Mossad during the Dubai operation, and  French Dernier Novell da Alsace newspaper said that the Mossad lost its prestige and became incapacitated when its agents were compromised. 

The Israeli Haaretz newspaper, described the Mossad members as amateurs  using old-fashioned techniques, and added that Israel’s era of intelligence work has ended when it was culminated with this failure.

Hamas held Israel fully responsible for the assassination of Mabhouh in Dubai and said it would face the consequences of its crime sooner or later.

Hamas also called  on the European countries to seriously take a strong position against Israel and prosecute leaders of the Mossad for their involvement in the crime.