Despite Losing Syndicate Elections, MB Journalists Welcome Results of Democratic Vote

Despite Losing Syndicate Elections, MB Journalists Welcome Results of Democratic Vote

The "Journalists for Reform" movement, led by young Brotherhood journalists announced their acceptance of journalists elections results, with only one of the Muslim Brotherhood journalist candidates winning: Mohammed Abdul Quddus who received the highest votes among all new members of the Council of journalists Syndicate. Read More

Five Brotherhood journalists were nominated in the journalists’ union elections, namely: Mohammed Abdul Quddus, Qutb Al-Arabi, Hani Salah Eddin, Hani Makkawi, and Khaled Barakat.

In a statement, of which IkhwanWeb received a copy, Journalists for Reform stated that: "Everybody won in the journalists’ elections, even those who did not win the actual votes this time."

Journalists for Reform congratulated all journalists on a truly sophisticated democratic experience throughout the union elections.

The movement considered the success of fellow Mamdouh Al-Wali in winning the Journalists Syndicate chairman’s seat as a step in the right direction for the current phase which requires an economic plan and vision to improve the union and support the ‘Knights of the word’.

Journalists for Reform said: "The tolerance shown by fellow Yehia Qalash following the announcement of the result is a reflection of a positive spirit in a union that makes everyone proud, and a true embodiment of the principles of the blessed revolution."

Journalists for Reform also said: "The injection of new blood, in the old council, with only six new colleagues is a clear expression of confidence by the General Assembly in certain old members, and its appreciation of the effort, sweat, and hard work they offered, which is a great lesson for all trade unionists.

Journalists for Reform stressed that it has started monitoring the work of the new Council, and tracking the programs announced by the winning candidates, in order to build a new era based on accountability and transparency.