Despite the end of Municipal Elections,Prolonging jail terms for 15 MB members

Despite the end of Municipal Elections,Prolonging jail terms for 15 MB members

The Egyptian State Security Prosecution issued a decision today for prolonging the jail terms of a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Parliamentary bloc and other eight detainees to an undetermined time, referring them to Wadi Al-Natroun prison.

Saber Abdel-Sadeq, former member of the MB Parliamentary bloc and member of the Engineers’ syndicate in Damietta governorate, was arrested during the municipal elections phase in which the Egyptian government launched a crackdown against all the MB members, arresting hundreds of them. However, he is still detained till today and is referred to another prison today along with other eight MB members. Their names are:

1.  Ayman Al-Dannan, candidate in municipal elections.
2.  Elwan Mustafa Abdel-Razeq, candidate in municipal elections.
3.  Al-Shahhat Mohamed Abdel-Wahhab, candidate in municipal elections.
4.  Awad Al-Sheity.
5.  Taha Al-So’aly.
6.  Mohamed Ahmed Radwan.
7.  Alaa Mohamed Yousef.
8.  Ahmed Mohamed Saleh Ismail.

In the same context, the Egyptian Ministry of Interior issued referring six MB members of Alexandria to Borg Al-Arab prison. Their names are:

1.  Hassan Al-Eskandarani.
2.  Moahamed Ma’rouf.
3.  Ahmed Abdel-‘ati.
4.  Saeed Abdel-Mon’em.
5.  Fadl Al-Mawla Hassan.
6.  Fouad Elwn.

Worth mentioning that the ministry’s verdict is issued today despite the two verdicts issued by Alexandria Criminal Court obliging their immediate release.

Dr. Ahmed Shawqy, member in Damietta Administrative Bureau, believed that the prolonging of jail terms on MB members and others can be considered a message from the Egyptian regime and a method used to oppress the Egyptian people.

Saying in his statement to Ikhwanweb that such arresting acts and prolonging jail sentences just prove the weakness and state of confusion the regime suffers these days, which may be related to the expected strike held on May 4th.

Shawki referred to “Esraa Abdul-Fattah” in his speech, the founder of the facebook group calling for 6 April strike, stating that the regime’s crackdown is not against the Muslim Brotherhood only, but against the whole society. Adding that the Egyptian regime continuously increases its use of security against Egyptians instead of attempting to release the tension and oppression existing among the society.

Shawky believed that the coming phase would witness great change in Egypt.

He concluded, “The Muslim Brotherhood would continue in their peaceful path and would not be confused by the regime’s crackdown.”