Detainee Killed by Police in Mattariyah Station

Detainee Killed by Police in Mattariyah Station

The Ministry of Interior continues its crimes against civilians at police stations; a prisoner has been killed recently at Mattariyah”s prison at Daqahlia governorate. There are several stories about the scenario of the killing.

The story began when Hosny Ramadan Al-Saadani tried to escape from prison during visitation time; security men chased him and was captured and taken back into custody.

Rumors indicate that one of the soldiers tried to threaten him by pointing the pistol towards Hosny”s neck, an altercation erupted and a shot was accidentally fired killing Honsy. He was later taken to Mattariyah”s hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Others claim that Hosny was captured by bystanders during the police chase but was shot by police.

It is worthy mentioning that Mattariyah city has seen other incidents of police brutality when Ahmad Fiyyadh was killed recently. The assailant was referred to the criminal court last week after being indicted.