• May 17, 2009

Detention Campaign to Continue, Total Number Rises to 56 in 4 days

Detention Campaign to Continue, Total Number Rises to 56 in 4 days

Another 23 Muslim Brotherhood members were detained within an all-out crackdown by state security service against Egypt’s Brotherhood in several governorates. The most recent was 13 of high ranking leaders on alleged false accusations of money laundering, accession to a banned group, etc…Security used to stick with Muslim Brotherhood, 2o jailers from Al-Sharqia after taking part in “Day of Anger” and condemned Zionist practices against Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, as well as 23 more from Al-Behira governorate, bringing the total 56 nationwide.


In the same context, State security apparatus further escalates situation and detain 23 MB activists in Damanhour, Al-Behira today at night as follows:


1- Ahmed Eid (landlord)

2. Eng. Osama Solaiman

3. Sayyed EL-bkatoushi

4. Mohamed Al Dhbi

5 .Ali El-sheikh

6. Ahmed Wahba

7. Ahmed Hassanein

8. Ashraf Al-Katib

9. Hani Al-Bkatoushi

10. Majdi  Awda

11. Mohamed Al Erian

12. Emad Abdul Hafez

13. Abdul Hakim Abdul Rouaf

14. Ahmed Al Smad

15. Said Mabrouk

16. Mahmoud Abdel Nazeer

17. Ahmed Abdul Mawgoud

18. Abul Fattouh Abul Yazid

19. Mohamed Abdul Rashid

20. Mohamed Salman

21. Mohamed Zeidan


Meanwhile, First MB Deputy Chairman Dr. Mohamed Habib described these raids against MB leaders as a part of strategy adopted by the ruling regime against the Muslim Brotherhood as they restrict their movement and accused the government of seeking to “prevent the Brotherhood from having a role in Egyptian political life immediately after they won one-fifth of seats in the 2005 parliamentary elections ” in a statement. He stressed that MB calls for peaceful rotation of power by useful means.