• May 9, 2007
  • 3 minutes read

Detention For Monem and His Group Extended 15 More Days

Detention For Monem and His Group Extended 15 More Days

State Security Prosecutor ordered on Tuesday to extend for 15 more days the detention of Abdel Monem Mahmoud and 17 more students from the Institute of the Agricultural Engineering who have been charged with allegedly organizing “military” parade and belonging to an illegal organization [MB]. Among the group who received an extension today is Dr. Mohamed Abdelal, assistant professor of plastic surgery at Ain Shams University, and Dr. Salem Ramdan, consultant engineer who have been charged with provided material assistance to the students and allegedly financing the parade.

The attorney for the defendants denied categorically the charges brought against the students and denounced their detention in the notorious “al Mahkoum” prison along with criminals and drug dealers in violation of the law which requires political prisoners to be detained separately.

It is worth mentioning that the Dean of the Institute of Agricultural Engineering in his testimony denied that “military parade” ever took place and cleared the students of al the charges, which proves that the entire case is trumped up.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb during his appearance today before the Prosecutor, Monem repeated his appeal to human rights organizations to intervene and pressure the Egyptian government in order to release him and the students, calling the charges brought against them by the government “politically motivated” after his criticism of the regime and his participation of anti-torture campaign with other activists which helped unmask several cases of torture committed by Egyptian authorities and police officers.

Monem also confirmed that the students will begin their hunger strike today to protest the inhumane conditions they are suffering inside prison cells and their harassment by criminal prisoners with the approval of the prison administration

Photo provided by freemonem campaign