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  • February 8, 2010
  • 9 minutes read

Detention of six MB and arrest of another

Detention of six MB and arrest of another

Mansoura General Prosecution decided to renew the detention for 15 days pending investigations for three of Al-Daqahleya MB members who were arrested on the backdrop of the Gaza’s Victory Conference organised by the MB on 13th January.

Detainees are: 

Bakr Fares (Manager of Pharmacists Club in Dqahleya city), 

Ahmed Hamdy Wali (Student at the Faculty of Dentistry) and 

Mohammed Shaban (Secondary school teacher).

The Court of Criminal Misdmeanour in Mansoura decided to release Gamal Abul Nasr, director of personnel affairs in the public hospital in Daqahleya, while security apparatus still detained some MB members despite the court’s ruling to release them on February 4

Detainees are;


Abdel Mohsen Qamhawy, (candidate of the Shura Council 2007)

Saad Mahmoud, (Assistant-Treasury of Teacher’s Syndicate and member of the Syndicate’s General Assembly)

Gamal Bayoumi, (candidate for the localities 2008)

In North Sinai, Arish Prosecution decided to renew the detention of three MB members from Ber Elabd for further 15 days. They were charged with repeated charges such as belonging to the MB movement.

Security apparatus raided the houses of each of;

Mohamed Elsayed Khedr, Head of School

Soliman Mohamed Saleh, Engineer

Yahia Akeel Salman, Teacher

They were arrested on Tuesday January 26 at dawn and their personal computers were confiscated as well as a number of documents and Islamic books.

In Sharqeya city the SSI arrested Abdellatif Ghaloush, civil engineer and one of the leaders in Kafr Saqr centre, while he was finishing some official papers in the city council.

Security Services arrested a group of MB memers in Kafr Saqr centre last Ramadan on the backdrop of organizing a quiz of Ramadan. They were released one month later, while the Prosecution issued an arrest warrant for Ghaloush.

Meanwhile, 13 of MB members will be presented before the prosecution in February 11, to review the appeal against the decision of their first release issued in January 18

They were arrested on the backdrop of organizing protests by the Sharqeya MB members in solidarity of the holy Aqsa mosque last October.