Detentions Unabated in Dakahlia, Giza, Minya and Ismailia

The Egyptian security services continue its repressive policy of arresting supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood candidates running for the Shura Council midterm elections.
In Dakahlia
 The security forces in Dakahlia still continue their escalations against Muslim Brotherhood candidates and their supporters in constituencies of Talkha and Mit Ghamr. The security forces always stun people with new means of repression and persecution. The new means is currently kidnapping people from streets.
This method has been used against several persons in districts of Belqas, Shirbin and Mit Ghamr, the latest of which was on Saturday when the security forces kidnapped two from the district of Shirbin supporting Abdul Mohsen Qamhawi, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate for the constituency of Talkha, while they were walking in the street.
The first is Yasser Nazih Hassouna, accountant,  from village of Dangay. He was kidnapped by two policemen riding a motorbike while he was in the street.
The second is Ayman Shaban Abdul Muttalib- a graduate from an industrial technical institute – from the village of Al-Dabousy. He is the only breadwinner of his family because his father suffers from a chronic disease. He was kidnapped from Al-Dabousy station at 2.00AP.
It is worth mentioning that the group that was kidnaped on Friday from Mit Ghamr, 23 detainees, were released except for six who are still under arrest without appearing before the prosecution and without facing any charge:
Ibrahim Kamal Al-Nady, from the village of Demas
Zakariya Ahmed Mohamed Saudi
Emad Ahmed Ali Al-Mikkawi,
Al Sayed Saber Al Gouhari, from the village of Bahida
Ahmed Badawi
Mohamed from the village of Beshla
In Giza
The security forces arrested at dawn Maher Rabih, the office manager of MP Mahmoud Amer, and arrested also 3 others from the village of Ussim, Giza:
Ahmed Abu Azama
Abdul Salam Sadouma
 Hassan Al Bishbishi
For his part, MP Mahmoud Amer said that arresting his office manage, Maher Rabih, is a flagrant violation to laws. The office manager of a member of parliament has a special immunity that enables him to help the MP carrying out his role appropriately. This detention aims ate curbing the Muslim Brotherhood’s spread among the Egyptian society.
In Minya
9 Supporters of MB Candidate Samir Abou Shamiya kidnapped in Minya during election tour
 The security forces, supported by a group of bullies with swords and other weapons, ringed the election tour round of MB candidate Samir Abou Shamiya. The city of Minya witnessed unprecedented heavy security. In the region of Abu Hilal, dozens of central security trucks, dozens of officers and hundreds of soldiers and more than 1000 plain-clothes elements (karate groups) which were with swords, chains and batons blockaded the Muslim Brotherhood candidate and his supporters. They prevented them from continuing the election tour and kidnapped some supporters of the candidate while dispersing them. Security authorities Bandar Minya police station refused to give the number of those kidnapped and refused to hand them food and water. The following are names of some of those kidnapped by the security:
1-Mohammed Ramadan
2 -Yasser Faris
3-Mo’min Sayyed
4-Ahmed Nagi
5-Magdi Abdul Maqsoud
6-Mohamed Anwar
7-Essam Sayed – employee at railway authority
8-Mostafa Saad – employee
9-Alaa Abu Zeid .
In Ismailia
12 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in Ismailia detained
12 supporters of Ahmed Mohamed Ismail, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate for the Shura Council midterm elections, were detained some of them from streets and some others were taken from their houses and others were arrested while heading for the mosque to perform Friday Prayer:
1-Mohamed Abdou Ahmed, secondary school teacher- from Sarium
2-Ayman Mohamed Abbas- Azhar graduate- from Sarium
3-Osama Mohamed Abbas – from Sarium
4-Hamed Al-Sayyed Hamed – BA of Law – from Sarium
5-Ahmed Nasr –  BA of Law – from Sarium
6-Refaie Ali Mohamed – from Al-Qassas
7-Ibrahim Mohamed Shiba – a teacher – from Al-Qassas
8-Ibrahim Abdou Hassanein – a student – from Al-Qassas
9-Nagi Solaiman – from Al-Qassas
10-Kamal Salah – Qantara Gharb
11- Radi Farhan Ibrahim – manager of the Land Registry Office in Qantara
12-Salah Abdul Moneim Saleh – Abu Suwair

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