Dialogue Opening in Jordan

Dialogue Opening in Jordan

The Muslim Brotherhood is ready to participate with the National Dialogue Committee which is open to any ideas aiming at political reform. The MB, however, makes the condition that their participation is based on the government discussing demanded constitutional amendments.

The government formed this committee for the purpose of opening up national dialog in such a way that leads to a better democratic life in Jordan and that this occurs in the framework of political reform.

With committee members setting the agenda for the dialog, the MB is not assured that its wish to discuss the constitutional amendments will be fulfilled.

At the same time, the National Dialog Committee seeks to have open discussions where people are free to talk about any topic with the aim of developing the nation.

The Committee is also committed to keep the public up-to-date about the progress the dialog is making. The role of MPs and senators is to act as a link between the committee and Parliament.

The Islamic Action Front (IAF) does not object to any member of the Committee, however, it is doubtful about the way it was formed and they seek a Royal Decree that will give it authenticity.

The MB was not the only ones to raise such objections; leftist parties and other groups also claimed that the panel does not truly represent the Jordanian political arena.