• February 18, 2009

Dichter castigates Jordan for intending to sue Israel for war crimes in Gaza

Dichter castigates Jordan for intending to sue Israel for war crimes in Gaza

Israeli minister of internal security Avi Dichter launched a scathing attack on Jordan for allowing some of its officials to file indictments against him and other senior Israeli leaders for committing war crimes in the Gaza Strip.

The office of the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs belittled this Jordanian step, saying that this lawsuit is only aimed to create propaganda against Israel and will be doomed to failure.

Head of the legal committee in the Jordanian parliament Mubarak Al-Abbadi left Monday for The Hague to meet the prosecutor of the international court and hand him a request to sue senior Israeli leaders for war crimes in Gaza.

The Jordanian list included the names of a number of Israeli political, military and security leaders such as Ehud Olmert, Ehud Barak, Tzipi Livni, Avi Dichter and Gabi Ashkenazi.

The office of the Turkish attorney general also initiated an investigation into the war crimes committed by Israel in Gaza as a prelude to prosecuting Israel.

In a related context, the Israeli Yediot Ahronot newspaper reported that high-level Jordanian sources warned Israeli leaders of visiting Jordan during the coming weeks, after the Jordanian parliament decided to sue them in the international court in The Hague for the war crimes committed under their command in Gaza.

This is the first time since the signing of the Jordanian-Israeli peace agreement 14 years ago that Jordan files a war crime lawsuit against Israel with an international court after the indictment was approved by the Jordanian parliament, the national human rights committee and the judicial committee of unions.