?Did the Muslim Brotherhood deviate from the correct course

?Did the Muslim Brotherhood deviate from the correct course

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded on an accurate understanding of Islam, and their direction is guided by the Book of Allah – Glory be to Him, and the life of His Messenger.ﷺ They have clearly defined their aim, objectives, and course of action, implementing whatever legitimate plans and means possible to achieve them.

Despite being exposed to trials and hardships, they have consistently overcome two antagonistic factions. The first group wants them to abandon certain aspects of Islam that incite enemies and oppressors, leading them to face injustice in all its manifestations. The second group, potentially viewed as extremists, breaches the fundamental principles of Islamic propagation and even goes so far as to label Muslims as nonbelievers. The Muslim Brotherhood is justified in ignoring the demands of both these factions.

Objective and purpose:

Our mission is to rule the world with Islam, and to guide all people to its systems and its teachings, so that they may attain happiness in this world and the Hereafter.

Our two primary goals are:

1-         That the Islamic homeland be liberated from every foreign authority.

2-         To establish a free Islamic State within this homeland. 

Has there been any alteration in this? Is the Brotherhood focused on different aims and goals, or do they continue in their pursuit to create a global Islamic Sphere of influence, led by an Islamic caliphate? Is their quest driven by seeking Allah's pleasure, as their ultimate objective, and are they willing to endure any harm to attain it?

Movement, stages and means:

Our methods:

1.         Deep faith.

2.         Precise formation.

3.         Continuous work

The stages of propagation are:

  1. Definition
  2. Formation
  3. Implementation

The ranks or stages of work are gradual and commence with the development of the Muslim individual, with their specific characteristics and peculiarities, followed by the Muslim household also with its own characteristics 

The Muslim society, with its own distinct characteristics, aims for the liberation of the Islamic homeland from any foreign authority. This includes the creation of an Islamic government and the reestablishment of the global presence of the Islamic nation, culminating in the return of the Islamic caliphate. The ultimate goal is achieving worldwide influence by spreading Islam to every corner of the earth.

Guided solely by honesty and loyalty, the Brotherhood and their leaders pursue these objectives without deviation. In their quest, they neither skip nor overlook any stages, and they do not waver in the face of Jihad.

It's rather strange to see the Brotherhood accused of being stagnant and underdeveloped, or of clinging to an outdated ideology. These allegations are unfounded, as we firmly adhere to the fundamental principles of Islam. We actively work and employ secondary means and methods to reach our primary goals and objectives. We also believe that those who promote Islam should take advantage of both contemporary and innovative methods.