• April 18, 2009

Dismissal of MB students Continues and Crisis of Fayoum Arrested Students escalates

Dismissal of MB students Continues and Crisis of Fayoum Arrested Students escalates

The administrations of Egyptian universities have continued the same method of suspension, dismissal, investigation and harassments of all kinds to keep MB students off their activities within the universities, as Menia and Fayoum universities have suspended 16 of MB students while detained MB students in Fayoum have declared a hunger strike rejecting the inhuman conditions in the prison.


In Fayoum University, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering in Shebin El-Kom Dr. Adel Abul Ela (Professor in the Electronic Engineering Department) has dismissed four of MB students due to their participation in the campaign of “Classy with My Manners”. The dismissed students are Mahmoud Ahmad Sobhy, Fathy Ahmed El-Gendy, Mahmoud Kamal Nasr and Ali Younes Abdel Maabud.



Furthermore, in Menia University, Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud El-Gazar (Dean of the Faculty of Arts) decided the dismissal of 10 students for 15 days while dismissing others for 30 days after they were referred to the disciplinary board on charges of organizing a strike in the university on 12.11.2008 protesting against the assault of the head of university guards on two students.


In the light of the escalation of MB students of Fayoum University, detained students have declared, Monday 04.03.2009, a hunger strike because of the ill-treatment they get and the very bad conditions of detention as they get isolated in one of the discipline rooms and give them one meal a day, in addition to depriving them from visits, external textbooks and prohibiting the access of any food from outside to them.