Dismissing Four Students, 14 Referred to Investigation

Dismissing Four Students, 14 Referred to Investigation

The administration of the Faculty of Medicine at Al Qasr Al Eini –Cairo University referred 14 students to investigations as they assisted their colleagues to get medical supplies. Students of Salah El Din bloc at the faculty had organized an exhibition to sell medical supplies for their colleagues in order to lend them a hand.

The administration accused them of trying to gain money without permission from the administration, hanging banners for the campaign “Raqi Be’akhlaqi” –Superior by my Ethics, drawing a heart, using loudspeakers and a microphone during the academic day and assaulting an official at the student affairs department, but the students denied that.

Students under investigations are: Mahmoud Al Maaddawi (sixth year), Mohamed Abbas (fourth year), Islam Balbula (fifth year), Mustafa Mohamed Ibrahim (third year), Ahmed Maged (second year), Ahmed Al Nasharti (second year), Muhab Abu El Naga (fifth year), Abdur-Rahman Mohamed Hassan (fourth year), Ahmed Naeem (sixth year), Mustafa Abdus-Sattar (fifth year) and Sameh Mukhtar (fifth year), and three women students: Inas Yusri Mahmoud, Aya Alaa El Din and Sarah Mohamed Sabri.


Meanwhile, the administration of Faculty of Commerce at Kafr El Sheikh University dismissed on Thursday four MB students for two weeks on charges of sticking posters and distributing cards for their campaign “Raqi Be’akhlaqi”. They were dismissed without investigations.


The dismissed students are: Mohamed Mustafa Shehab El Din, Hamdy Ahmed Heikal, Mahmoud Mahdi (third year) and Ammar Ibrahim Al Zomor (second year).