Dissatisfied Doctors Stage General Protests Accross Egypt

Dissatisfied Doctors Stage General Protests Accross Egypt

Hundreds of doctors staged protests on Wednesday demanding a new pay-scale and denying the government¢s silence towards the deteriorating economic conditions.


The protests, held in Cairo, Alexandria, Daqahlia, Damietta, Beni Sweif, and other Egyptian governorates, were staged in accordance with the decision taken by the General Assembly of Doctors Syndicate on their last meeting on March 21, which stated considering April 23 a day for general protest by Egypt¢s doctors.


In Cairo, hundreds of doctors participated in 3 protests staged infront of the Medical Syndicate main building, Dar-Al-Salam, and Abbaseya hospitals in which they called for a new pay-scale, condemning the government¢s attitude ignoring the doctors¢ demands and not fulfilling their promises concerning the pay-scale.


Other protests were held in Alexandria where members of the Medical Syndicate Board participated calling for stopping such humiliation the doctors face because of low salaries.


Similar protests were staged in many provinces around Egypt while a number of them was aborted by the Egyptian authorities as in Daqahlia and Fayoum.


The doctors demanded that the minimum salary would be LE 1000 and that the post-graduate studies allowance would be raised by 300%.


Dr. Saeed Sayed, media chief in the Doctors¢ Syndicate, stated that the official sympathizing with the doctors without fulfilling any of the governmental promises concerning the doctors¢ demand is not enough at all.


Adding that an extraordinary General Assembly would be held in Beni-Sweif on May 2, and another on May 9 in Tanta.


The doctors protest yesterday is another sign of public anger over economic problems which increases day by day in Egypt.