Distinguished Jurists to Join Dr. Abul Fotouh’s Defense Team

Distinguished Jurists to Join Dr. Abul Fotouh’s Defense Team

Abdul-Moneim Abdul-Maksoud, the Muslim Brotherhood’s distinguished lawyer, has ascertained that a large number of prominent legal figures from  Egypt’s various national social and political powers will unite tomorrow in the defense of Dr. Abdul Moneim Abul Fotuh, Member of the Executive Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Secretary-General of the Arab Doctors Union in an appeal which  is currently pending by the Criminal Court of north  Cairo challenging the decision of the Supreme State Security Prosecution to renew  his detention for the seventh time in a row.

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Abdul-Maksoud deplored the government’s choice of the North Cairo criminal court claiming it was not competent to consider appeal regarding provisional detention orders. He continued "The lawsuit should be legally considered by the South Cairo Court". He indicated that the appeal was postponed last time and will be adjourned to tomorrow’s session because Dr. Abul Fotouh was banned from attending the appeal hearing. 

On his part, Dr. Yahya al-Jamal, professor of Constitutional Law and one of the participants in the defense team, has emphasized that Abul Fotouh is one of the faithful sons of the nation, a valuable and influential figure in professional and trade unions. "He enjoys a reputation and a personality of considerable, uniqueness and is highly regarded in Egypt’s political circles".

Regardless of his personal opinion of the Brotherhood’s ideology, Dr. Al-Jamal reported to Ikhwanweb that he immediately responded to Abul Fotouh’s request in joining the defense team, ascertaining that "Any lawyer who has a degree of respect for himself and freedom of expression similar to that of Aboul Fotouh should help to defend responding quickly and without hesitation".  

The defense team includes notable and distinguished lawyers including:

 Dr. ‘Ali Al-Ghatit; professor of international law at Cairo University

 Dr. Salah Sadek; Professor of International Law at Zagazig University

 Ambassador Ibrahim Yosri,

 Mohamed Toson   member of Bar Syndicate Council

  Mohamed Damati  member of Bar Syndicate Council

  Nasser Al-Hafi, former member of the Syndicate Council

 Ahmed Abu Baraka, MB member in the People’s Assembly

Sayyed Jadallah, lawyer at the Egyptian Court of Cessation.