Doctors: Using ambulance as ‘cover up’ is criminal

Doctors: Using ambulance as  ‘cover up’ is criminal

A group of doctors severely condemned the Ministry of Interior for using the properties of the Ministry of Health in arresting a number of MB leaders including Dr. Osama Nasr, from the MB Executive Bureau.


Dr. Hamdy Ebead, Secretary-General of Behera’s Doctors Syndicate stressed that forcing the Health Department to use its ambulance and driver in arresting MB members is both “unacceptable and unethical”.

He described the measures to Ikhwanweb as “not new to the Ministry of Interior and Security Services stressing that the Interior is currently governing Egypt   and unfortunately no one can stand in its way. He added “the Syndicate will find the families of the detained doctors and provide them with financial and moral support“. He pointed out that these crimes will continue as long as the State Security controls the state.

Dr. Magda Adli, Director of Al-Nadeem Centre for Human Rights, criticized the regime for using everything to serve the interests of its men with no regard to the interest of the people.

She commented “we are living in a country where nothing is impossible and everything is unprotected” she added pointing out that next time the Ministry of Interior will use the fire brigade vehicles and young children as “human cover ups”  to arrest the opposition and those who have different  opinions.