’Dollar From Each Muslim’ New Campaign to Help Palestinians’

’A dollar from each Muslim for Palestinians’ is the suggested motto of a donation campaign to funnel Palestinians annually with a billion dollar support donated by Muslims over the world. Islamists in Egypt and abroad proposed this idea to counteract the Western threats to cut funds for Palestinian Authority at the heels of Hamas stunning victory in the parliamentary elections.
In Egypt, Magdy Hussein of the Arab Center for Studies put forward this suggestion which comes out of his firm belief that supporting Palestinians is the indispensable duty of all Muslims. He indicated that an extraordinary meeting of the Committee for Suppoting Intifada is going to convene to discuss this issue. Hussein, in addition, stressed on the expected role of the Muslim Brotherhood in this respect. 
In Syria, Islamic Studies Center strongly backed the proposal which furiously approved by Syrians and Lebanese people where the rate of donations noticeably increased.
Islamist sources did not rule out the likelihood of governments confiscating these funds especially after the American pressures. Previously, Arab governments blocked similar donations to be sent. However, if such procedures are applied, people will not stand motionless since they should seize their rights without awaiting the permission of regimes.