Dozens Arrested, Houses Raided in Damietta and Talkha

 Egyptian security forces in Damietta arrested on Saturday at dawn, June, 9, 2007 , two supporters of Fekri Al Adham the Muslim Brotherhood candidate for the Shura Council midterm elections: Ahmed Al Nahri Eid, manager of the engineers club in Damietta and engineer Ahmed Rabie Radwan, Damietta Al-Gadida.


Residents of the Al-Burj Farm were stunned by many police trucks storming into the town at 3.30 AM and attacking houses of Mohamed Al Sawi, a book store owner, and Ahmed Al Osta, a physician. The forces destroyed contents of the former’s bookstore when they didn’t find him and destroyed the furniture of his house furniture, and his father’s house and seized his own PC. They also raided the house of Walid Al Zakzouk, manager of the Doctors’ Syndicate in Damietta , in the village of sheikh Dhirgham, neighboring the town of Al-Burj Farm . Meanwhile, another force in city of Damietta stormed into the house of Mostafa Al-Serri but did not find him.


In the district of Kafr Saad, the hometown of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, it has the lion’s share of detentions. The security forces raided houses of:

Bassem, an engineer

Hajji Mohamed Nada

Hamed Barakat, computer engineer

Sayed Montaser, engineer

Sameh Jibba, teacher

Wael Solaiman, teacher

Mostafa Badr

Khedr Beheiry, engineer

Qadri Muwafi

Saleh Fayed, engineer

Sayed Suweilam, engineer

Sheikh Rajab Diab, a teacher in Azhar institute in Kafr Saad

Sameh Al Sharaedi


In Dakahlia

Ballot cards currently in hands of the ruling National Party members in Dakahlia


 The National Democratic Party leaders in Dakahlia started to distribute ballot cards of the Shura Council midterm elections 2007 AD on NDP members in the constituencies to stuff them for the NDP candidates.


One of these stuffed ballot cards has been seen by Ikhwanweb. It contains the number of the committee (No. 3) and has its seal, in Mit Ghamr constituency in Mit Ghamr police station.


Meanwhile, the Higher Election Committee is investigating with MB candidates in all governorates due to complaints lodged by NDP candidates that the candidates use religious slogans, although it has been proved that other candidates including the NDP candidates are the ones using religious slogans.

The security forces in the district of Talkha arrested two supporters of Abdul Mohsen Qamhawi, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate for the constituency while hanging posters for Qamhawi. The two detainees are Mossad Rizk Al-Sayyed and Mohamed Ahmed Shalabi.


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