Dozens Demonstrate Outside Israeli Embassy

Dozens of foreigners of different nationalities protested on Friday afternoon in front of the Israeli Embassy in Cairo after the Egyptian authorities prevented them from traveling to Gaza. Protesters raised banners with slogans such as ” the steel wall – is the wall of shame for 2010? and chanted “stop Israel” and “Zionism is terrorism” outside the embassy.

A large number of security forces were present during the protest and were deployed on the sidewalk facing the embassy, but that did not stop about 400 foreigners from declaring their solidarity with the Palestinian people. They protested in front of the Israeli Embassy in Giza against the policies of the Jewish state and condemned the blockade on the Gaza Strip, demanding the boycott of Israeli goods.

In a related context, about 30 foreign women announced they were starting a hunger strike in front of the Egyptian Press Syndicate on Friday, until they are allowed to enter the Gaza Strip to provide food and medicine aid. The Alliance of Associations in Solidarity with the Palestinian People in Europe, issued a statement calling for organizing protests in front of Egyptian embassies all over Europe, to protest Egypt’s willingness to build a steel wall along its borders with Gaza.

Meanwhile, a group of American lawyers called on Egypt to, “show its commitment to the international law,” and to allow marches that support Gaza and allow the organizers to cross into the Strip, in accordance with the terms of the Geneva Convention on the occupied lands.

The National Union of Lawyers, which includes lawyers affiliated  with the liberal left-wing in the United States, urged the Egyptian government to, “respect its obligations in accordance with international law and to allow safe passage to the delegations of the March of Freedom for Gaza and Viva Palestine convoy to enter Gaza and to ensure their protection.”

James Elias , head of the Free Palestine Sub-committee of the National Union of Lawyers said in a statement that, “Egypt is facing the risk of violating its responsibility according to the Fourth Geneva Convention if it fails to allow a convoy of aid and freedom demonstrators who came to provide that aid to the besieged lands of Gaza.”

David Jespas, President of the Union, said in a statement, “In accordance with international law, neither Egypt nor Israel have the right to stop the convoy or the protesters nor prevent the free passage of the consignments of the aid.”

He continued, “Israel, as an occupying authority, is responsible for the safety of the Palestinian people. In light of Israel’s failure to abide by international law, then Egypt’s commitment is of great importance.”