Dozens Kifaya Detainees on Hunger Strike

Several detainees in police custody who were arrested during midtown Cairo demonstrations on Thuresday, began a hunger strike to protest constitutional amendments and police violations.

The Egyptian security forces detained of 32 members from Kifaya Movement during the demonstration and released some of them on Friday.
The following are names of the detainees on hunger strike:
Khaled Abdul Hamid
Mohamed Adel
Walid Salah
Bahaa Saber
Victor Nagib
Mahmoud Al Wardani
Ahmed Abdul Gawaad
Ahmed Abu Steit
Mostafa Ismail
Nael Yahya
Ahmed Islam
Amr Ibrahim Mohamed
Ahmed Mahmoud Alaauddin
Mohamed Abdul Malik Ahmed
Rami Tawfik
Hamada Rajab Mohamed
Karim Reda
Essam Shaban
Nagi Rashad Abdul Salam
Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Hamed
Gad Al- Islam Gamal.
For his part, Dr. Abdul Halim Kandeel, a leader at Kifaya opposition movement, told Ikhwanweb that the security forces dealt harshly with the people who participated in last Thursday demonstration in order to block any political and popular movement protesting at the coming constitutional amendments that serve the file of Tawreeth (hereditary rule transition from Mubarak senior to Mubarak Junior).
Qandil pointed out that Kifayd detainees are currently held in Al-Dhaher police station, the worst police station in Egypt in terms of treatment with citizens, according to him.
Qandil added that although the prosecution decided to release Kifaya Movement detainees but when they returned to Al-Dhaher police station, they faced psychological pressures under continuous threats of issuing arrest warrants against them.
Regarding Kifaya Movement reactions, Qandil said that Kifaya Movement adopted peaceful demonstrations as a means for confronting the coming constitutional amendments; he added that the movement will hold peaceful demonstrations in ten governorates on the day of the referendum on the constitutional amendments, scheduled in early April.